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  • Head identification

    I have a May 1928 engine, 5 bearing cam, block. I would like to find the correct head for this block. Is there a way to tell the differences in unmarked heads or did the earlier heads have the Ford script cast on them ? There is a 26 stamped on the lower head by the #1 plug and that's all the markings on these heads. Thanks, Pat
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    Model A's and of course the famous AA's

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    Neither is a 28 head. 1928 heads had no center water passage. Not sure of the exact month when the center water passage was added as I do not have a current Judging Standards yet. Still have the outdated version so I do not want to give wrong info as I am not sure if there was a change in the current JS. Rod
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      I wonder if the center hole is mentioned in the SERVICE BULLETINS.

      I seem to recall the hole being added about October 1929, but will check when I get time.


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        Sometimes people ask about a B head, but they aren't specific whether they mean the Model A high compression head with the "B" cast in it, or are they talking about the Model B engine head with the large "C" cast in it. Besides the letter cast in each head, they are very easy to tell apart by the water pump.
        The Model A head with the "B" cast in it has the regular...
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        Here is the model sent off for 3D printing for the new B heads.

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        Tom W in particular will be interested in this.

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        Defective NEW Snyders Heads
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        I've lost my head!
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        Well, sort of. I've found some cracks in my old head between the water jacket and stud holes. I really would like to replace it with a sound (not cracked not warped) regular head. All the vendors sell only high compression heads and add that new grade 8 studs ought to be used. I was starting to replace the studs but at number 5 it snapped off and that's before I even got close to the back ones. So...
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        Finally broke down and got a set of the Ford Service Bulletins.
        First thing my eye found was this on pg 375:

        "Keep cylinder head nuts tight
        When engine is thoroughly warmed up all cylinder head nuts should be taken up slightly. This operation should be repeated several times especially during the first 50 miles the car is driven. Attention to this detail lessens the possibility...
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        Stuck head
        by 2manycars
        A few years ago, someone gave me a truck load of model A engines that had been poorly stored. I saved 2 of them, but the rest were so rusted that I could only save a few parts from them.
        My brother is more persistant, and sent me these photos yesterday of his attempt to remove a stuck head. I think the new engines being cast by Tod will solve this sort of problem.
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        This gallery has 3 photos.
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        High compression head installed.
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        New Prus 8:1 aluminum high compression head installed. Can maintain 35 mph on hills I used to have to downshift into Ruckstell with. A noticeable improvement in performance all around. The aluminum head weighs 12 lbs. The old 3.98:1 cast iron head weighed 28 lbs.

        03-25-2018, 12:55 PM