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Model A Torque Table?

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  • Model A Torque Table?

    Has anyone made up a torque table for the Model A?
    Regards - Neil Wilson - [email protected]

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    Brattons has one in their catalogue, and I am fairly sure Mitch has re-posted that here in the technical area, with some refinements. For example the spec for the camshaft is way over what the cam gear makers suggest

    here it is
    SPECIFICATIONS FORD MODEL A SPECIFICATIONS Camshaft bearing clearance .001 to .003 Cooling system 3 gal. Connecting rod to crankshaft clearance .001 to .00336 Crank rod pins 1.500 less 1 to 2 thousands for oil (1.498/1.499) Crankshaft bearing size 1
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      I torqued the lid on my Peanut Butter, by GUESS & couldn't get it off!---Should I weld on a Washer & a Nut?
      Dad Hungry

    • tbirdtbird
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      Bill, that is too much work, just break the jar with a hammer

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      Peanut Butter jars are now plastic, hammer just bounces off.

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      Freeze the plastic jar with dry ice. Then the hammer will work.

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    As Ford never had torque specs, any table would be just a guess based on bolt size like the Les Andrews books have in it. Some values would be too much for the intended use.


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      Just tighten until tight. Ford did not use torque wrenches, but had a different wrench for each application, and the handle was designed to provide the correct tightness. That is why the rod nuts are 21/32. Only the rod nut wrench would fit that job. Common sense is the best guide. Anybody with any mechanical experience knows how tight a bolt or nut should be.
      Eastern Connecticut


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        I interesting chart I ran across again. Kinda explains why I shift when i do.

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        I was asked in a PM about my recommendation of 25-30 ft lbs of torque on the manifold nuts, and where did that number come from.
        I think this is important enough to get into the open forum, as it can spare someone a cracked manifold. I was also asked my qualifications. I believe the Andrews book suggests 55.
        My reply follows.

        I have been an engine builder for over 40 years,...
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        From time to time a discussion of Henry not having torque specs arises.

        At some later point, engineers derived torque values based on the diameter and grade of the bolts/nuts.
        While the current grading system was not in use in Henry's day, IMO his fasteners were at least grade 5. Else, we would not be able to re-use so many bolts, think of the FW mounting bolts and the FW housing...
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        Just a useless tidbit.
        There is often discussion that Ford did not use torque wrenches.
        I just stumbled onto an assembly line video of '36 Chebbies that showed the workers using what appeared to be a torque limiting wrench, almost similar to today's clicker type wrenches. It looked like when the worker got to the specified torque there was like a clutch that released and the wrench would...
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