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Back-up Plug-n-Play Alternator

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  • Back-up Plug-n-Play Alternator

    Well, after experiencing an epic fail of my "Alternator in a Can" I decided that a plug-n-play replacement was needed. So, after a Pick-yer-Part trip, I start thinking how to do this and NOT need any more tools than necessary to remove the "Alternator on a Can".

    Simply done is my goal, so I look through my bar stock bin and since I don't usually deal in steel, I decided on brass, but the 1.185 wide by .250 thick didn't seem stout enough to simply do the trick with needing a ½x20 threads. Something was telling me that I would need at least ½" worth of threads to make it work. So, I superglue a short piece to a longer piece, drill 3 holes and install 3 3x35mm flathead allen screws because that is what I have laying around. No need for anything larger as they are only keeping the two pieces together long enough to drill and tap to the ½x20 hole. As you can see by the pictures below, a bit of paint and tadaa!

    One bolt mount.jpg

    Now, using a long 3/8x24 bolt, drill alternator mounting hole under-size and press the bolt into the mount., this way I don't need to hold the bolt to tighten the nut holding the alternator in place.

    One bolt mount 2.jpg

    One Bolt Mount 3.jpgOne bolt mount 4.jpg
    Now, just a simple slide on of the alternator and the nut and the adjusting strap, hook up the wires and done.

    So here is the GM alternator installed right before running the wires and adjustment strap off the timing cover. I know you all have seen this before, but hey, here it is again.

    GM Alternator 1.jpgGM Installed.jpgNow, all I need do is remove the lower ½x20 original mounting bolt, remove the original 3/8x24 nut from the timing cover bolt, and unhook the wires, and either of the 2 alternators fit with a minimum of tools


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    Nice job planning... It always pays to be prepared and that looks like a very easy roadside change over
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    Henry Ford said
    "It's all nuts and bolts"

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    • DaWizard
      DaWizard commented
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      I think I am going to change the mounting terminal for the wires to atop the alternator. Just been sitting here thinking about that.

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    Your Powerhouse CAN could be converted to a COOKER, "JUST SET IT & FORGET IT":rolling


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      You could probably make a round sheet metal cover front and rear and mount your powerhouse end cover to it. Chop that ear off the top. Make it out of aluminum to dissipate the heat...Put a dummy cutout on top. I've thought about that at times doing it to mine. Glad I didn't throw out the old Ford script cutout on my old genny.


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        I like it, heading to the workshop as soon as I finish my coffee. What kind of cooling fan & how well does it work? I don't see a shroud though. Bob


        • DaWizard
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          To be honest, I am less than satisfied with the fan I run. I am looking for another 16" fan that doesn't draw 15amps! You would think in these days of brushless motors they would make one power efficient!

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