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Need a good spare Autolite long generator??

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  • Need a good spare Autolite long generator??

    Who doesn't want a good rebuilt genny laying on the shelf or in your Model A as a spare? Derek from New Zealand over on the 'other' Antique Ford site tipped me off to a load of them at Bratton's. Derek bought 12 and took back home with him. Call Jeff up and ask for one or more, I just got off the phone with him. Super nice guy, he is boxing one up and sending it my way.

    Jeff said that he bought out an estate in New Jersey and there were a bunch of long Autolite generators that they told him had been rebuilt. It was an all or none deal so he took everything. Since he didn't do them in-shop, he can't guarantee them but he said they HAVE been apart somebody was into them somewhere along the way.

    The price is right! Give him a call and get one, won't last too long. Bratton's is hard to beat!!

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    And how much are they??
    Paul in CT


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      I have a small collection of these generators that came into my possession after Butch K at Obsolete Auto in Clifton NJ passed away. When we picked up all of the parts I was told that they had all been rebuilt at some point and time. The field coils, and armature tested, new brushes... At this point and time they need to find new homes. I'd be willing to sell them at $100 ea with no core/ no warranty/ no guarantee of any sort. If you have to go through them they should be clean and easy to work on.


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        Thanks Jeff for the information, it's great to have you here on the forum.. You can't beat that deal..
        I'll take four of them and will call you tomorrow to place the order

        Plus i'll get a VFF flyer in the box!
        4~ Tudor's
        1~ Coupe

        Henry Ford said,
        "It's all nuts and bolts"

        Mitch's Auto Service ctr


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          Talk about fast service!!! I got my generator from Jeff at Bratton's already, looked good! Popped it on the car and she works like a charm!! Plus I mentioned to Jeff we had a Sept. build '30 Roadster and he even matched one up with a correct build date accordingly. I said it was no big deal, the car's not for show and I would take anything he had front mount out put post rear mount I didn't care, but he went out of the way to get it 'right'!! Any date coded gennie would have been fine!!

          THANK YOU to Bratton's you folks are A- No. 1 !! Glad you decided to take all of those parts or these may have wound up in a dump somewhere.
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            My 4 generators were shipped out today
            4~ Tudor's
            1~ Coupe

            Henry Ford said,
            "It's all nuts and bolts"

            Mitch's Auto Service ctr


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              Generator update:

              I received my 4 generators today and promptly proceeded to check them all out. Everyone worked like a charm and the internals were all gone through and replaced with new. The armatures were either all rewound or new, as well as new fields coils, brushes, brush holders etc. The armature alone is worth 100.00...
              I talked to Jeff today at Bratton's and he only has 6-8 more left.
              This is an opportunity to jump on while they last, you can even sell them at a swap for more than double the cost.

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              4~ Tudor's
              1~ Coupe

              Henry Ford said,
              "It's all nuts and bolts"

              Mitch's Auto Service ctr


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                Mitch that is exactly what mine looked like too. I probably should have bought another. I checked it out also and it works great. I had one that was possessed, Tom W. did an exorcism on the thing up at Ken Ehrenhofer's Model A swap last summer and after he ran the evil spirit off it was up and running again! At any rate I have a couple good spares now that will outlive me.

                If you guys are in need of an extra, call quick they are a good deal and Jeff is a great guy to deal with. Won't last long.

                By the way, since Tom cleansed the soul of THAT generator out in Ken's field, will it make it's way into Ken's repair shop and inflict another?? Not sure where they go off to................


                • Mitch
                  Mitch commented
                  Editing a comment
                  It will look for an ole chevy to haunt instead

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                ol' Chevy's use Delco-Remy's. I run a Delco on my '31 roadster using an old after-market adapter bracket. Supposedly the Delco will pump a few more amps than the Auto-Lite.



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                  Originally posted by Bob-A View Post
                  ol' Chevy's use Delco-Remy's. I run a Delco on my '31 roadster using an old after-market adapter bracket. Supposedly the Delco will pump a few more amps than the Auto-Lite.

                  Yes, some of the later fan cooled 6 volt Delco generators put out 30 to 35 amps, or if you switch to 12 volts, the 12 volt generators will do the same.


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                    I have some Delco's with the bracket. Not sure if they are 6V or 12V without looking. First will have to find them. Most were on Diamond blocks that were used for running irrigation wells and things like that. Rod
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