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What new trick or procedure have you learned here on the VFF?

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  • What new trick or procedure have you learned here on the VFF?

    One thing I learned and now do is a little trick Mitch mentioned I always used a lighter on heat shrink tubing never did use a heat gun until Mitch mentioned it that thought never ocurred to me and now that is the only way i do them.

    One thing I do do is when making wiring especially on my a I wire wheel brush the heavy plastic off of a terminal so it is bare put heat shrink tubing on the wire give the terminal a slight crimp and then I also solder it for a good tight connection slide the heat shrink in place hit it with the heat gun makes a lot neater looking wiring job, chasing bad connections is no fun, make em good the first time.

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    After I discovered high temp terminals as they call them, that's all I use from now on. They don't have insulation on them, just the bare terminal. Expensive at the hardware store usually priced at $.50 each, but much cheaper online such as Amazon. They're a much stronger terminal none of this bend and break like the common ones with plastic insulation on them. I also use a gas powered soldering iron, Blue Point kit YAKS 1. It's made by another company and tips etc can be found online for a much lower price than the Snapon guy. The tips have a hole for exhaust I use to shrink the tubing.
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      This is not really a tip or a procedure.
      But i have been learning a lot more about the JS side of things thanks to the daily question. It gives me a reason to open the book and read more about of what was posted.

      Today i did learned about tbirds check ball trick that was posted on his jumping out of gear thread.
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        Tip #1

        When soldering SPLICED wires, hold the iron UNDER the wire & apply solder to the TOP!
        Most common soldering problem is NOT enough HEAT !
        Use ONLY Rosin Core Solder!---Acid Core Solder turns it GREEN!---GREEN is only for MONEY!
        Bill Joining
        08-21-2017, 03:10 PM
      • DaWizard
        Shim Stock.
        by DaWizard
        Ok, show of hands just how many of you have tried to separate a .001 shim from the bearing shim stock?

        I have NEWS!!

        I just figured a better way to do it without pealing them up like curley que. I have this tool that is called a "resistance solder machine" and basically what it does is has 2 wires which electricity is passed through to heat up an item, kinda like
        08-27-2018, 09:55 PM
      • Mitch
        Hood protection
        by Mitch
        A tip for the anal

        I make these little tubes from cutting down a heat shrink. Then place them on the hood hold down. This protects the paint from metal to metal contact. If ya heat it with a heat gun it will never fall off. Either way works heated or unheated.
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        06-03-2018, 04:32 PM
      • Chuck Sea/Tac
        Replacing starter brushes
        by Chuck Sea/Tac
        What do you use to unsolder/solder them to the winding strip? TIA
        01-26-2019, 08:51 PM
      • Jwmckenzie
        Firewall Insulator
        by Jwmckenzie
        I just picked up a molded firewall insulator from someone who purchased it and then decided to go another way.

        The insulator, according to the packing slip, was made by Timothy Cox, now QuietRide.

        I have laid it up on the inside of my indented 31 firewall, The firewall has a slight bend forward just above the terminal box that is not molded into the insulator. When I put...
        03-18-2019, 07:28 AM
      • tbirdtbird
        Tool tip, AKA you don't know what you don't know
        by tbirdtbird
        Mitch has written about the Mini-Ductor as a way of heating and freeing up frozen bolts, nuts, studs, etc. inductively.
        So this is not a new tip, but a personal use report.
        I just finished rebuilding a 6-cyl motor, all painted up, etc, and was ready to hang the custom made dual exhaust a guy made me 4 yrs ago. Shame on me for not looking more closely, I thought it would use the existing...
        11-27-2018, 08:33 PM
      • Gramps36Ford
        Asbestos heat/sound shield?
        by Gramps36Ford
        Under the vinyl flooring my grandfather installed was a ‘pad’. Assuming a heat barrier? Anyways, knowing how much asbestos used for products back then, I wasn’t sure if some of you knew what material it could be, if asbestos.

        I know the real worry with asbestos is continued overexposure, but still was curious. Almost looks like old carpet padding thats SUPER weathered and deteriorating....
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        07-27-2019, 04:09 AM
      • Dennis
        Gun Blue
        by Dennis
        Anybody tried the gun bluing? I have a shot gun that I got blued 50 years ago, dad gave it to me if I promised to fix it up. So I had a guy in town hot blue it for me while I refinished the stock. I don't know what's involved but I got a pail full of bolts I want to get done but not all at the same time. Do they sell that stuff at the gun shops? I hope they don't ban that out here in CA!...
        09-08-2017, 11:06 PM
      • pAAt
        Shrinking body panels
        by pAAt
        Ground 3/8" bondo off a 28 cab corner and tried pounding the dents out. I have it fairly straight except an overly stretched out area. Can I shrink this dent out with heat, shrinking disk, or grind a X in it, straighten, and weld ? Picture 3 shows a thin layer of something between the door post wood and corner panel, looks like a thin layer of fiberglas insulation ? Thanks Pat

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        09-10-2018, 08:46 PM
      • BNCHIEF
        Keeping the exhasust heat down in your car.
        by BNCHIEF
        I have seen the heat shields vendors sell and kind of thought they would be nothing more than rattling vibrators under the car. I did something different that we used to do on sprint cars they make a high heat wrap napa and o reilly have it and I wrapped the entire exhaust and muffler with it it is help in place with little stainless ties i would post a picture but it is under the car and would...
        07-08-2017, 05:49 AM