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A Nice Little Digital Volt Meter and battery charging

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  • A Nice Little Digital Volt Meter and battery charging

    Here's an inexpensive little volt meter that you can mount permanently to monitor your battery or charging system. My Honda lawn tractor only has a red light, so I bought one of these to mount in the dash. When it arrives, I'll try it on my Model A to see if it works OK with the ignition system noise.

    A battery charging tip using a 12v charger

    In a pinch you can actually connect a 12 volt bulb in series with the battery charger cable connected to a 6 volt battery. The bulb will drop the voltage and current to a safe charging level, but the best way is to buy a 6/12 volt 5 or 6 amp battery charger with a meter.

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    Yea, please let us know. I was wondering the same thing about engine noise.


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