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    There is a town about 50 miles from me called Mount Olive. The town is suing the rail road co. for storing over 100 tanker cars full of butane in liquid form. This story is repeated all over the U.S. Butane is called the bastard gas because no one wants it. It is a byproduct of refining and the refineries use to burn it off. EPA put a stop to that but they had a bright idea to add it to gasoline. Now it does not take much pressure to keep butane in liquid form and all modern cars have a closed fuel system. It is true that only 2-5% is added in summer blends and 10% winter blends. The cast iron carb on a model A absorbs a lot of heat, especially in stop & go traffic or when you shut it down to refuel . If you listen you can actually hear it bubbling in your carb. So next time your car starts bucking/ cutting off Just say damn butane, or talk to tbirdtbird for a fix. carolinamudwalker

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    Interesting, this may be part of our vapor lock problem.

    As far as the EPA, they would ban water if they thought they could get away with it


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      Just a side note. Having worked for the Railroad and handled and "spotted" these tank cars for unloading, I can tell you that this stuff is nasty, since it is heavier than air, the leak will settle in low spots and remove the oxygen from the area. The gas companies use it as an evaporator, it helps the gas evaporate quicker.

      I have walked down a track full of these tank cars and had my breath taken away by a leak. You can also tell by the frost at the leak point. Really nasty stuff. Good thing I was not smoking at the time, as I was a smoker back then.

      More random musings from a troubled mind. (flashbacks)
      You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


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        About an hour or so ago, while driving on the busiest 4 lane highway we have, the engine decides to just rough idle at a signal and die! (it just had to be this road and me in the fast lane parked!)

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        Finally a gasahol additive that works.
        This is light years ahead of Stabil.
        Had dinner with a chemical engineer at the Model A Christmas party, who has a couple As and a farm with large storage tanks of both diesel and gasoline.
        He swears by this stuff.
        The additive for gas is PRI-G, and for diesel, is PRI-D

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        The Rust911 concentrate should arrive today. After a PM session over FB ( Facebook, not the ) with the Rust911 people, I'll be picking up 10 gallons of distilled water to use in the process.

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        Gasoline runs down the cowl under the trim strip (driver’s side) and is causing paint to flake.

        When most recently filled, I took extra care to make sure that there was no drip (of gasoline) from the nozzle when withdrawn from the neck but...
        09-24-2019, 10:45 PM