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29 Tudor header?

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  • 29 Tudor header?

    Still trying to figure out what I need to complete the car. Since the car has a new top, I would have thought all the wood was present. Checking the Fordwood site, they mention "header/front" under the top wood section, but don't show a sketch of what it looks like. I've looked at photos of Tudors that don't have a top or headliner and can't tell if something in mine is missing. I've enclosed a photo of ihe interior windshield area of mine. Is something missing? If so what should I ask for? Thanks for the help.
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    Check my Tudor wood picture thread in the Chassis tech forum..
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      Yours looks correct. And a nice job of installing the top, complete with anti squeek on the bows, and duck cloth between the chicken wire and cotton batting, so the mice don't steal the cotton.
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        The wooden header that you ask about is behind your rear view :-)
        I had to replace mine because of rot, screws would loosen and saw dust would fall down :-( Mines in great shape now, thanks for the memories !


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          The old wood had a padding of sorts between the wood and the sheet metal in places where the main left and right wood rails contacted the sheet metal roof, and anywhere wood was in direct contact with metal. This was for squeak prevention, I believe. It looked a lot like a cross between fiberglass and cotton. I cannot tell really what it was. For restoration purposes, what makes a good filler....
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          I am still gathering missing pieces in anticipation of installing the interior. In some posted photos I have noticed a curved piece across the rear corners between the side and rear window headers, The part in question mounts in a kerfed area of the unpainted wood piece in the center of the photo near the roof structure. Attached photo shows their absence. Were the originals wood? I haven't seen...
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          How do the wood kits from Classic Wood Products rate? I am thinking of ordering a top kit for the fordor. I sawed out some new top ribs and planned on scabbing them in this winter, but I am thinking of the whole kit now. I need to research some on what its going to take to get this project started....
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          Ok I have some questions beings I’m working in this area now.
          1. My wood is dry and solid, no damage other than some small cracks from nails etc. this car has had the covering on top replaced once before. So now I’ve got several holes to dodge when I put my new top on. Suggestions please on plugging the existing holes with something.
          2. the front corners appear to have had something...
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          03-28-2020, 01:32 AM
        • Mickey
          '31 coupe top wood header question
          by Mickey
          Looking at the two screw hole on the right would you say I need to plane the bottom of the header to bring the screw holes down to match the hole in the frame bracket?
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          03-26-2019, 03:07 PM
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          Top of coupe
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          Can you replace the wood in the roof of the coupe without removing the metal panels on the top sides. I know the front metal needs to come off and I assume probably the headliner. The top was leaking so I pulled the vinyl back and found mouse nests and rotted wood.
          08-29-2018, 08:08 PM