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  • Calling Geo Miller

    I have followed your advice on piston clearance at another location and find the entire dialogue most amusing. Why do you bother?

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    I just made up my mind, I'm done trying to help. Just wasting my time. Why do they even ask for help. I think I will watch Gunsmoke on TV. But first I'm going out to the garage and see if I can get the feeler gauge by the piston rings on the engine I'm working on, he seems to be able to.

    Maybe you will have better luck.
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      Some folks will not listen or do not comprehend what you are telling them and are not smart enough to know their limits. I listen to you George as well a tbird.

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    The future experts are rising on the DS.


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      Rely on the skills of a qualified ENGINE MACHINEST, for proper measuring of piston clearances!!!
      Bill W.


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        We always measured the piston with a micrometer as well as the bore and then a long feeler gauge before assembly way back when but george's advice is spot on.


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          Measuring the inside diameter of a cylinder can be tricky. You are seeking the diameter at many places, as well as looking for taper. A dial bore gauge never hurts (my avatar). Some people come onto a forum looking for confirmation of what they have already decided, regardless of the advice of an expert. This is why there are so many jacked up Model As out there.

          George is a recognized machinist/engine builder. It would be well to look at the amazing list of things he has accomplished, he didn't just fall off the turnip truck. It would be an honor to meet him


          • George Miller
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            Thanks for that. I have always tried to help people, but at 80 it is starting to get old.

          • DaWizard
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            George, at 80 everything is getting old!!

          • BNCHIEF
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            Absolutely Tbird we measure in several place to check for taper as you say, When seeing what George has done I am a real novice and enjoy his advice as well as yours it is based on real life and known practices not just some weekend mechanics ideas based on what he got off of the internet.

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          When I was trying to figure out the seizing problem on my coupe, George and Dave (tbird) basically gave me the same advice. Measuring pistons and cylinders was beyond my skill level, so I took block and pistons to my machine shop and related the advice I was given. They followed that advice, and now the engine no longer seizes, and runs just as a Model A should. If George or Dave suggest something, you can bet it's good stuff, and you ignore it at your own peril.


          • tbirdtbird
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            very kind, Ray

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          George, PM sent


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