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Unfinished Nuts and Bolts.. What have you done and how well has it survived?

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  • Unfinished Nuts and Bolts.. What have you done and how well has it survived?

    So I am sorting out nuts and bolts for building an engine. I have been hand cleaning them with a wire brush since they are supposed to be unfinished. I have been giving them a quick coat of semi gloss clear. I have a blast booth and can go that way, but a lot of the greasy lighty rusted engine bolts tend to have the original machinging marks and I would like to keep them. No, I am not doing a points restoration, it is just a matter of trying when it makes sense.

    I also have a vibratory polisher I can dump them in, but I am not sure if that is the best thing.

    So my question is, what have you done for the unfinished hardware to preserve the original machining and what have you done to keep the finish looking nice?
    Then the magic question...

    How long has the finish looked nice?


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    Kevin this may not include all the info you are seeking, but i figured to link it just in case. The Maron's built a fine point roadster with this procedure
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      I give the rusty hardware a blast in my cabinet, then a light wire wheel, and they come out shiny with the original manufacturing lines showing.
      I use semi-gloss clear also, as that gives the best natural unfinished look.


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        Originally posted by Kevin in NJ View Post
        So my question is, what have you done for the unfinished hardware to preserve the original machining and what have you done to keep the finish looking nice?
        Then the magic question...

        How long has the finish looked nice?

        We used SATIN spray on everything...even the raven finished and have had no issues now in a year and a 1/2
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          What is satin spray? Is it a clear coat?


          • Mark Maron
            Mark Maron commented
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            yes satin spray and also a small can to brush on also

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          I used to use Eastwood diamond clear satin.


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            Originally posted by Chuck Sea/Tac View Post
            What is satin spray? Is it a clear coat?
            Yes. It goes gloss, semi-gloss, satin, flat... Satin is shinier than flat.


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              "Unfinished Nuts and Bolts" I use this stuff on anything unfinished that stays in the garage, drill press, lathe and yes, even nuts and bolts.


              • Kevin in NJ
                Kevin in NJ commented
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                Apparently heat causes it to melt away. It looks interesting none the less.

              • Mike V. Florida
                Mike V. Florida commented
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                Heat does not cause it to "melt away".

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              Bees wax base?


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                CAN'T help you, when I sold Vermin & all his spares, the FIRST thing Chuck grabbed wuz my box of ORIGINAL BOLTS/NUTS/WASHERS. I DIDN'T have any ORIGINAL Kotter Keys--LOL:rolling I was once BANNED on **** ****, for makin' FUN about "original" types of Kotter Keys & how to BEND them CORRECTLY! I "guess" several Purists pushed the "REPORT" Buttons. What a bunch of
                Ticked Off Dad


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