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  • Oil Filled coil orientation

    We picked up a (12 volt) Standard -no resistor required- UC15T oil filled coil. The oil does slosh around inside. Research suggests these cylinder types can cool better than epoxy filled when the terminals are facing up. The Model A's have the terminals facing down. Does anyone have concerns about this?

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    I have always mounted my coils facing up. Never had a problem. Right now I am running a 6v stock style coil with a resistor on 12v. The coil kinda likes it, has a nice little skip in it's step.

    I was just thinking and reflecting on my childhood and the Model As we owned, and I seem to remember one that was turned snout down leaking, but this was 50+ years ago.
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      I have always mounted mine like original.


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        I've run into problems when mounting an oil coil upside down. I'd recommend keeping the wires pointing to the sky. Hmmm, I wonder if that would be the same in Australia [ smiley face]


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          FSI in Oklahoma would agree with you 1000%

          For whatever reason today's oil filled coils are not totally full. The windings go all the way to the bottom of the can, but not to the top. So, if you mount the coil upside down, the windings at the bottom (now the top) are not covered and the coil life will be shortened. This topic has come up before.

          Use epoxy filled if you want to mount it Henry's way
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            Originally posted by tbirdtbird View Post
            FSI in Oklahoma would agree with you 1000%

            Use epoxy filled if you want to mount it Henry's way
            Or use an original coil.
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              Thanks for the replies which appear to confirm internet and supplier info. Evidently the new oil filled ones allow the oil to expand somewhat when the secondary coil heats up while the sealed epoxy doesn't allow for adequate heat dissipation. I guess mounting up would be the way to go.


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                Epoxy coils work just fine.


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                  Here's an interesting thread just located: should be able to open with adobe reader or acrobat.
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