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  • Stainless cowl band

    After getting all the dents out and sanding and buffing my 31 cowl band I somehow put a small dent poking out right on the top side. When I tried to push that dent in and sand it I noticed it was actually too thin and has a small hole or tear. What to do now? Can it be repaired or does anyone have a nice original for sale?
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    I've never tried to weld stainless, but there are welders who can fix it.


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      I think i have a restored original but there is a slight blemish from a repair. These are very hard to fix and make perfect because of the round curvature and thin thickness
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        Ugly and not good.

        A real good welder might be able to do something with it. It takes a TIG and a thin stainless rod. I attempted a hole fix on a 'test' radiator shell and did not do so well. I have not revisited after I found my welding problems were related to my over 50 eyes not seeing so well up close. Bought some cheaters and have them in my hood. Have not gotten back to that.

        My thought is find a junk one and replicate the problem for practice (shame you are not close I have some I could give you). Then try yours. Worse that can happen is you have to throw it away and get another.

        A final comment. Steel is steel, it shrinks when you weld it. You will have to do hammer on dolly work to level the fix by stretching the metal.


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          Best let a good experienced welder to the task. Stainless can be touchy, needs to be very clean, no contamination whatsoever. I decided to try stainless this past week with my TIG. It's not hard to catch on, just need to know your heat range and every piece and size will be different. I welded some .028" stainless wire mesh to the inside of a 2" diameter 1/16" stainless tube. Later this week I'm going to tackle .025" screen to same size tube. I've seen some YouTube video of a guy welding razor blades together, so I think it can be done. Like Kevin said experiment and practice on another piece.


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