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Photo of curved back trunk?

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  • Photo of curved back trunk?

    Does anyone out there have a photo of a curved back trunk (no spare tire) mounted on a Victoria? Specifically, just like the one Snyder's sells. I'm picking up that 31 Victoria I've been looking at and sooner or later I'm going to install a luggage rack and trunk. My Roadster has no rear spare and it has a straight back trunk and it looks ok. Thanks, Smitty----- Ooops-sorry for the double post.
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    Saw a pic of a curved trunk with 4 skinny drawers below it, quite FANCY! Trunks must have been a HOT seller! We just tied a BOX on the roof!
    Bill Poor


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      Are you looking for a better overall picture of the trunk by itself??
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        I think his original question might have been about the luggage rack. Mitch, feel free to let me know if I ask the same thing twice, or several times!


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          Thanks, guys! In Snyder's online catalog it appeared to me that the Black and tan curved back trunks have different angles-with the tan one OK for a Vickie. I just got off the phone with Snyder's and they assured me that both color curved back trunks have the same angle. So if I'm going to go with a trunk-it looks like I'll have to live with a straight back. Also, they reassured me that their luggage rack will clear the full rear bumper without any extra brackets. Thanks to all! Smitty


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            As you may know, the luggage racks from the vendors are 2 different sizes and styles. The older style without wood slats may not be available, however. Many years ago, a MAFCA club member named Marshall Lewis produced drawings for the Restorer magazine on how to build a trunk using simple materials including vinyl top material covering. The straps, locks, etc. are available from the vendors. Possibly one could design one with a curve to fit the bustle which is different from other body styles also dependent on which rack is selected. I don't have the dwgs. any longer but possibly a Google search will locate them, etc.
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              Vince is this the picture you are mentioning from anotther thread?

              3 ~ Tudor's
              Henry Ford said
              "It's all nuts and bolts"

              Mitch's Auto Service ctr


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