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Difference between a Slant Window Fordoor & A-400 Windshield Frame

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  • Difference between a Slant Window Fordoor & A-400 Windshield Frame

    Is anybody able to tell me the differences between the Slant Window Fordoor & the 1931 A-400 Windshield Frame? From what I can tell the A-400 had a special wiper bracket spot welded to it but dimensionally they are the same correct? Any input would be appreciated.

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    I don't know the answer but i am sure someone does.
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      The all slants used the same frame. For the 68C/400A the top part had a wiper bracket welded to it and a hole drilled for the shaft.
      They reproduce this bracket and you can find pictures in the catalogs. The bracket appears to be made of slightly thinner metal then original.

      Other then that they were the same.

      Does that answer your questions?

      Why did you want to know? I do have 2 original top parts for the 68C/400A extra.


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        Thanks for the information Kevin. I have a bunch of steel Slant Window frames that were made by Gene Bunce that I bought with a collection. And I have several friends that are working on A-400 that need frames. I'm trying to convert these plain steel 4 door frames into A-400 frames and get them plated for some people.


        • Kevin in NJ
          Kevin in NJ commented
          Editing a comment
          Keep in mind Gene went the extra mile and had the everything but the front powder coated satin or flat black like the originals for his price. Some of the people doing high end cars were sending him original window frame pieces instead of the repro's for the added originality. The repro window slides and wiper holder are about the only way to tell it is a repro frame, put originals on and I doubt a judge would even know.

          Of course I mention this because the people who own the high end bodies are more likely to want stuff just so and willing to pay for the service.

          As I point out I have one windshield top part which is rusty on the face but has a decent (as I recall) wiper mount which could be carefuly removed and put on a frame.

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