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  • The Front Crankshaft packing...

    Which is better...The Front Crankshaft "teflon coated rubber rope" packing...OR this new Front Crankshaft "one piece nitrile seal"?

    I have always used the rope in the past.



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    I haven't done one for a few years, but I always used the rope seal and never had a leak. Install it dry, then squirt a bit of oil and smear grease on it.


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      I also use the asbestos rope seals. It is best to soak them in oil for a few days to get them good and saturated.


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        Can you still buy the non Teflon seal?


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          Old time Model A buddy rebuilt an engine last year, couldn't get the rope seal to go in. Fought it for a while and gave up. Went into his old stock, got a NOS one and it popped right in.


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            Can't give you an answer. I've always used the rope seal well soaked with oil.


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              Have had continuing problem with the teflon ropes. Soaking in ATF , etc doesn't help. Had the nitrile seal fail also. Can't find asbestos type rope by the foot except overseas. Have made a crude surface u shaped bracket retaining some firm felt against the pulley shaft by the lower pan bolts. Helps somewhat.
              The crank pulley is good with no apparent wobble. Someone needs to develop a janitor like the vendors sell for the rear main. I'm thinking perhaps the aluminum timing gear may throw more oil than the fiber types? I also need to check if there is a drain hole in the oil pan rope groove plugged by sealant.
              I also found on ebay some original looking ropes with the Ford logo on them, but they are very firm. I've had them soaking for months but they haven't softened.
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                Has anybody here looked on Amazon for water pump packing? What size are we talking here? There are various sizes square I’m not sure how it will work. Some have PTFE with graphite most are in 5’ lengths. Maybe your club would be interested in buying some.


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                  Originally posted by Gary Karr View Post
                  I also use the asbestos rope seals. It is best to soak them in oil for a few days to get them good and saturated.
                  Ditto: where do you find them currently other than overseas ? Not sure any of the ropes are encapsulated or legal to ship ?
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