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OK, Should I Spend $10 on Antifreeze, or Gamble Thousands on My Engine?

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  • OK, Should I Spend $10 on Antifreeze, or Gamble Thousands on My Engine?

    Hard to believe, but I still see people who don't believe in antifreeze.
    I guess it's good in a way, because I bought my 28 Phaeton cheap because of an early freeze and cracked head.
    Luckily the original numbers matching block wasn't hurt.

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    Tom I live in the southwest and I will always use antifreeze to help control rust. I have seen a lot of freeze cracked blocks lately and I assume they came from a different location than local.


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      I lived in El Paso for 2 1/2 years, and we had snow there a couple times, so I wouldn't trust anywhere against freezing.


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        We get frost a few times a year out here but usually never cold enough to freeze water in a car engine. I was in El Paso one winter passing through and it was snowing. I lived in CO for over 30 yrs., so I've seen frozen and broken pipes there.


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          I can not understand not using anything to protect an engine especially since the stuff has rust inhibitors.


          • Dennis
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            I agree with you and where I came from, how I was raised, you ran coolant year around good for what the lowest freezing point it could get or 20 below. And we always ran thermostats. If it overheated, we fixed the problem. That was on modern cars and I can't say what people did with their Model A's when they were running.

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          Personally i would use and recommend it for whatever climate i was in. It prevents rust & corrosion plus i never had a foaming issue yet. I think one of the main reasons why we hear about so many of these Model A cooling systems with junk and rust problems, is because of the lack of antifreeze use throughout the history of these cars.
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          • tbirdtbird
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            totally agree

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          It's that time of year again. I will soon get out the tester and check all 11 cars to see that they are safe.
          A few years ago my neighbor went to florida for a few weeks durring winter, and did not have antifreeze in his cars because the garage was heated. But he ran out of propane while he was gone, and froze two model A motors. One just needed a head, but the other needed a new motor. That is a hard way to learn a lesson. When I way young, I had a yellow coupe that had a cracked block, so it would not hold antifreeze. One cold evening I realized that I had not drained the engine, and when I went out to check, the radiator was frozen, as that is the place that freezes first. I started the engine and ran it until it steamed, and shut it down. I repeated the process several times until the ice was thawed, and drained it. This was a pain, as I could not afford a good battery, ($15) so had to crank the car each time. That was a lesson well learned.

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            When I bought my pickup, it was located in the San Diego, CA area. Prior to shipping it, I insisted that the radiator be drained and anti-freeze installed. Of course you see this coming -- the PO said he would, but as it turned out, he didn't. Later said that it wasn't necessary, as it was warm weather. I don't know what would posses a person to think that shipping a car to Alaska in February wouldn't need to be protected from freezing. Fortunately it was only the head that froze (& cracked). And that happened to be one of the original "Police Heads".
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              now you've done it, Tom, a topic with as much volatility as oil choices!!!!!


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                Originally posted by CarlG View Post
                I don't know what would posses a person to think that shipping a car to Alaska in February wouldn't need to be protected from freezing. Fortunately it was only the head that froze (& cracked).
                Carl, how cold does it get in May up there?


                • CarlG
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                  It all depends. Most times it's in the 40's & 50's. Of course there was the May a couple of years ago that we had a trip planned to drive down to Homer. (We do this every May). Well, the day we were scheduled to leave, it commenced snowing. We delayed the start time a couple hours, and took off anyway. I didn't have a heater in my pickup at the time. And Homer is a good 5-hour drive from here. My wife was miserable the whole way down there. The heater that was on the shelf in the garage got installed that very next week.

                • Dennis
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                  Thanks Carl. Before I travel up there I will have my heater installed... And my thermostat.

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