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Water Inlet and Outlet seal

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  • Water Inlet and Outlet seal

    I should know this, but what is best to use when you have some very rough corroded areas just behind the higher seal surface on both the top outlet casting and the bottom inlet casting? These sure look like they will need something right under where the clamp is to make the seal. If just the higher lip is important then maybe I don't need to worry about how pitted and rough is is just behind the lip.

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    I "WUNDER" if it could be smoothed over with that HIGH TEMP Muffler Sealer? I "think" it's quite DURABLE??
    Bill W.


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      On the water INLET, I use Permatex on a gasket to afix it to the snout, and grease against the block as a release so the gasket comes off the block without scraping.

      On the OUTLET to head, I use only a thin layer of Permatex because any gasket you put between the two parts will change the head gasket torque with the compression of the gasket.

      This has worked leakless for me for eons and continues to work today.
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        I think he is talking where the hoses attach. I haven't used anything there.


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          Yes I am referring to where the hoses connect. I think that no matter how pitted, the clamp actually forces the pressure on the raised lip right next to where the clamp is and it might not matter about the surface right below the clamp. What do you think about blue permatex applied with a putty knife to get it to fill the pitted area and let it harden before putting on the hose?


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            a few things you can do for pitting:

            sand paper the necks so there is no corrosion and also clean inside the end of the hose. spread some RTV around the neck just enough to give it a film, then clamp the hose on.. you want them clean and dry...

            another option is to fill the pits with JB weld then do the silicone deal as mentioned

            last option is to buy new necks

            with good parts i put them on without sealer
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              Oh, sorry I misunderstood. I usually just coat the inside of the hose with the same grease and slip them on with a good T-bolt hose clamp.
              You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


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                I had to use my Dremel to smooth the casting seam before the small leak would stop.
                I use a light coat of Vaseline on the inside of the hose and clamp so the slip together easier, and don't bunch up when the clamp is tightened.


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                  Thanks to all for the methods. I will probably try first with just using something like Vaseline or RTV. No more news means everything worked fine.


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                      T-bolt clamps & Tom's red grease is all I use.
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