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  • Rear axle

    Now I have done it. Pulled rear drums with the cheapo puller and buggered up the axel threads. I have chased the threads and the nut goes back on but is loose. I am worried that the nut will not hold the 120 pounds of torque. I will order new nuts, but I am wondering if I could use something like lock tight red to be safe. Planning on driving to Branson from coast of N.C. 2200 miles round trip. Yes I am going to work on emergency brake . Bob

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    If the nut is in good shape and is loose it is likely you will have problems. I can not think of much that I would trust other than replacing the axles. I know this is hind sight for you, but this is the reason I put a jamb nut on the threads until the hub is broken free from the taper of the axle. Cheap insurance for the threads. Rod
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      Loctite is good for preventing a nut from loosening up, but will not compensate for worn threads on the axle. Hopefully it's just the nuts which are worn but with that being said a spindle re-threader die should be used and not a tapping style die. The re-threaders will clean up the threads with out removing metal, whereas the tapping dies do remove metal. Whenever you pull drums put the nut back on loose so it protects the axle ends and prevents the puller from screwing you up.Then once the drum pops off the taper remove the nut.


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        Mitch I used a THREAD REPAIR DIE It looks like the ones in your post but it is split in half so you can start on the good threads and work out over the damaged area. I did use a wrench with this but it still removed material. Thinking of a nut with more threads/inch than the standard castellated nut. Thanks for the input Bob


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          Doesn't Don Turley have thread repair tool for sale?
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            Here again the axle threads are not your run of the mill thread. They are a high class thread probably class 4. You thread repair is probably class 2, if so it would take off some metal. Like stated above always put a nut on first, before using the puller. I would try the best grade 8 nut I could find.


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