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  • New Rear drum

    My new rear drum wont clear ebrake. Should I just sand it some? We don't have a service in my parts to mate the shoes and drum.

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    Is the rod disconnected?
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    • Beauford
      Beauford commented
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      Naw...I'll try that...thanks buddy!

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    Check to see if your ebrake backing plate is centered. I bought a new one from Bratton's about a year ago that wasn't centered.


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      Yes, make sure the band is completely collapsed to it's smallest diameter on it's backing plate. Both anchor tabs on the emergency brake band ends should be touching the double thickness stop plate, as shown in this picture.
      Brake Assembly Rear.jpg


      • CarlG
        CarlG commented
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        Lots of red grease there Tom!

      • Beauford
        Beauford commented
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        yes, Tom I remember the picture well that you showed me a 1.5 years ago as I could not figure out the brakes...Come a long way. I'm thinking that my 90 year old drum was a bit more wallowed out than this new one. I will work on it tomorrow. Just got in with the kids from Halloween.

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      I have been known to grind off a small amount from the double thickness stop plate in severe cases. It doesn't take much.
      It seems almost nothing re-pop is 1000% dimensionally correct.....

      also, sometimes the 2 layers of the stop plate are not fully registered with each other, and the slight grinding corrects that


      • Beauford
        Beauford commented
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        I leave it in gear like all my modern stick vehicles and never use the ebrake. LOL

      • DaWizard
        DaWizard commented
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        Well, I never leave it in gear and always use the parking brake, and I have never owned an auto trans car!

      • Dennis
        Dennis commented
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        I do both as I found the ebrake holds just good enough in my garage. On an incline it creeps.

      • Beauford
        Beauford commented
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        yeah, mine has never held solid...I wouldn't trust it on a hill for sure!

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