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Carburetor manifold flange

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  • Carburetor manifold flange

    By design that is the angle of the carburetor manifold flange to level ground. In other words, what is the tilt of the flanges?

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    the engine tilts back at 3°, and the carb has to be level, if that is what you mean
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      Mike V., You should be able to download an app on your smart phone. There are many to choose from. I think the one I have is Angle Pro.


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        I guess I've never noticed an angle. I'll have to grab a manifold and check. A couple levels should show that.


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          Be careful downloading some of those free apps such as the levels, angleometers, speedometers, etc. They often collect data from your smartphone, send it back to the developer who then sells it to others. Not only exposes you to privacy concerns, but are real drains on battery life.


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            not sure you need an app.
            If the engine is tilted 3°, then the flange is also 3°, the other way

            the engine tilt is documented in the service bulletins


            • Mitch
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              That makes sense

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            Well, because I am a doubter, or just inquisitive, I just went out with my angle meter app on my phone and my engine is still at 3º, in spite of the FaM, and the manifold is indeed at 0º!
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            • Dennis
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              There you go, same here.

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            Be careful with some of the used manifolds as I have seen a couple of the Gleaner Combine intake manifolds that were at 0°. It is likely I have one or more of them in the pile. Going to sort through them next week and make sure before I offer any for sale. Rod
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              Would 3 degrees REALLY make much of a difference in carb operation? That's ONLY about that l-l MUCH!
              If the carbs were THAT touchy, HOW could you even climb a HILL?
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                Thanks gang!


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