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    I am currently using these Autolite 3076 spark plugs. They are running dry and black. I have read/seen/heard that perhaps a hotter burning spark plug would work better.

    Thoughts? Advice? Recommendations?

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    You can try a 3X or a W18, depending on what you want to spend. See this Tech thread post #1
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      That's a lot of carbon. Maybe running rich. Adjustment and/or a carb problem.


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        It does look like its running a bit rich, but, the 3076 is, I think, is a bit cold for these monsters. I prefer 3077 but can't find them anymore. An 18 or 20 series Champion may work better.


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          Hi John,

          If that's the spark plugs from your same difficult engine, and it is now running fine, what happened to your former retarded timing?


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            I run 3076 and the car runs fine with them. Like you, I had black plugs with the 3076, so I went with W18s. The car did not run as well with them as it did with the 3076. I had been running the GAV at 3/4+, so I started driving with no GAV or at 1/4. Presto, clean 3076 plugs. If you have an air filter it could be starving car for air, try running a little with less GAV and/or no filter and keep checking till plugs come out clean.


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              I prefer an extended tip plug, seems they are getting hard to find in the warmer heat ranges.


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                Thoughts? Advice? Recommendations?

                After thinking about the above three (3) questions; and the above several mentioning of possibly running too rich, maybe try considering a typical, usually overlooked, possibly formerly improperly rebuilt (90+) year old Model A carburetor that might be struggling to produce a well balanced fuel mixture.

                Most Senior Model A carburetors are like us Seniors and not very computer literate, hence, these senior carburetors cannot respond to modern mechanics' computerized testing equipment like our modern fuel injectors.

                These Senior carburetors often communicate by sending smoke signals to their upper level spark plug companions. They send layers of black soot so we Senior Model A owners can notice their Senior carburetor Distress Signals.

                Smiling now and then reduces stress and helps us not only to think outside of the box ...... but also allow us to enjoy Life and get out of the box!


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                  You do not have permission to view this gallery.
                  This gallery has 3 photos.
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