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    When I got on this site the other day there was a thread about not being able to see how much water you have in the radiator, and now I can't find it. I have that problem and without having to buy that $50.00 kit can I just top the radiator with some antifreeze above the baffle and then run it for a while and then check to see if its going to freeze this winter. Thanks. Tom..... PS Nice site Mitch..

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    Tom, WELCOME to the VFF!!!

    To answer your question, YES. The coolant will find it's own level, which is normally right above the lower lip of the baffle. Now, this is not always the case, some are well above the baffle, almost to the bottom of the neck, but it should settle somewhere in that area, so fill it up to the neck and check it after driving 10 or so miles.

    One other word to help, if you don't have a copy of the Service Bulletins, get one and look on page 450 and adjust the overflow pipe to the farthest point rear, and if needed, extend the pipe to the highest it can be just under the lip.
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      Thanks Tom and Welcome

      Fill it to the height of the baffle plate and your good to go. I really don't see a need for that kit, because i have found on a normal operating cooling system it will not expel any out of the over flow using this height.
      Make sure the pipe is positioned correctly as Wiz mentioned.
      This may be the thread
      I need help tracing the cause of my 1930 A coupe has started leaking coolant from the overflow tube on cold start. I noticed it having a tendency to run hot
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        Thanks for the suggestions I'm going to do that.


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          If you just want to check the strength of antifreeze, drain some into a cup from the petcock in the lower pipe, and test that. Then dump it back in the radiator.

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            Thanks, that's a good idea. Because all I want to do is suck it up in that tester to see want temp its good for.


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