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    I've used hl clausing in Skokie for astronomical mirrors, and I'm aware of uvira. has anybody used clausing for headlight reflectors? The SiO2, or beral coatings would be good choices. (always the weekend when I think of stuff like this, and can't call)

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    Jim, I have been contemplating the same thing. Reflectors for the delivery are nice. The ones for Dads coupe are decent, but not as good as I would like. Had to go through about 2 dozen reflectors to find those 4. Have 7 reflectors that would replate nice, 3 of them are single bulb for a possible early 28 project further down the road. Silver plating would be my first choice, but have no real issues with Uvira. Rod
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      Clausing does silver also. beral, and silicon oxide don't tarnish, can be cleaned with out scratching and are within a percent or so of silvers reflectivity. you can do a silver coat then over coat with silicon.


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        Reading more, and refreshing a 30 yo memory, it seems that the beral, and silicon dioxide are both over coatings of aluminum


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          With Brattons now selling correctly shaped reflectors with the same aluminized coating that the guys above use, at a cost lower than having the reflectors plated then aluminized, Mine are in storage.


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            I had a batch of original reflectors aluminized several years ago by a place in Springfield, Mass. It was not cheap, but much cheaper than silver. They have lasted very well, and I used them on several cars with great results. But with Bratton's new reflectors, I would not bother to do that again. I still have one set left, but dont remember if they are single or double.
            Eastern Connecticut


            • DJ S
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              Do you recall the name of the company? I would be interested in contacting them to see how much they would charge to do a set.

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            Years ago someone posted that's it's best to use the cork gasket, as original, because the rubber does outgassing or something not so good for reflectors.
            My 28 still has the original silver plating and cork gaskets, and are in good shape.

            Backflush 3.jpg


            • Mitch
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              Tom i see your flushing the headlight fluid out. So that's the secret to keeping the reflectors looking like new

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