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Speedo not working at all

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  • Speedo not working at all

    Looking for advice or article on what to check first in getting it working. Any ideas ? Thanks in advance.

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    Remove dash, unscrew speedo cable from speedo, drive car. If cable turns, repair speedo. If cable does not turn, pull cable out from inside to see how much is left inside cable housing, remove cable housing from turtle, pull partial cable from housing, replace cable with new cable from top, lube new cable liberally with molly style grease upon reassembly. Drive car.

    If cable is good, send speedo to professional for repair.
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      The first thing i do is remove the cable from the turtle on the trans and spin it counterclockwise with a drill. If the speedo moves its in the cable connection at the turtle or a gear issue. If it does not move pull the dash and proceed from that point, also make sure the cable did not burn on the muffler. I have seen that many times because of a missing bracket at the frame
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        Exactly what I've been wanting to know also......
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          I have found that if the speedo cable has been routed wrong it will place a slight kink right at the back of the gas tank and will be the place to break the inner cable due to the strain and wear at that point. Since you will not be able to pull the cable out from the bottom unless it IS broken, I have found it much easier to pull the cable from the top to find the break, if there is one. If the cable is not broken, you can still only pull it from the top, and this would be the best time to regrease it as you shove it back into the cable housing.

          If the cable is broke then the pulling it out from the top will tell you how far away your problem is by the length of the pulled cable. It may indeed be that the clamp on the frame under the floorboard is missing or broken and allowed the cable housing to rest on the muffler cooking whatever grease you did have in the housing breaking the cable. This will also be shown by the length of cable coming out the top. Only after checking to be sure the cable does not turn will you need to crawl around under it to check the turtle and gear assembly.

          If the first test by driving the car to see if the cable turns proves the cable is indeed good, then it won't hurt to grease the cable, and you now know the speedo itself is at fault and now that you already have the dash down, can easily be removed to be repaired.

          Sorry I wasn't more descriptive earlier, wasn't quiet awake and mind was still muddled.

          OH GEEZ, just thought of something I should have asked first......Was the speedo working then suddenly not?
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          You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


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            in case it is internal to the speedo,


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