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Model a memories as a young boy.

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  • Model a memories as a young boy.

    When I was a young boy my dad bought old cars that were running we are talking in the late 50's we would go hunting and looking for old cars at the same time. someone related a story to my dad about a special model a ford some guy had. I of course can't verify the truth of this story and I was young but the story goes like this supposedly this guy had a model a he was a rural mail carrier and wanted another model a to use for his route. As the story goes ford built him a car from parts at the factory and it was a combination of all four years. We did go to see this man and this car on a friday nite I believe it was in Geneseo kansas so I remember seeing this car and my dad said it was a combination of parts. It seems like the guy had some documentation but i can remember that part clearly. This may be just another story I do not know but I do remember it well. Anybody have some interesting model a stories or memories to share?

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    My dad always talked about a trip he made in his Model A to Quebec; Gaspe peninsula. From that time on, I had to have one.

    My dads trip was in the mid 1930’s.

    All The Best;

    Brian French
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    • pAAt
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      Great story a pictures to boot !! Paat

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    3 years ago I was working on my A door, outside the shop, and a guy I let Morrell hunt on the property said there were doors like that up in the ravine. Well I got very excited and headed up there and didn't find a A door but did find a 39 Ford PU door and partial grill ! I also found the back half of a 28 A sedan and promptly began to dig and haul it out by hand. I mounted it on my shed, by the house, and then began to think ( I know you guys are saying no way !, but yes I was thinking for once ). There must be the other half up there somewhere, so off I went a week later ( yes I'm not a fast thinker ) I figured it might have move further down into the ravine and to my surprise there it was below a large tree that had fallen. The partial body was tight to the ground but not bent at the impact point. I dug a little and drug this up and out of the ditch through all the trees. I had to move the first body on the shed to allow the second one to be installed. This A would have been my wife's great uncles cars and she has never said "get that shit of the shed" yet. You can see it from the kitchen window and is part of our life now. This all took about 4 days to put together and some of my best memories ! Good Day All, Pat P.S.- I have put a new steel roof on the shed and chrome mags on the car. The hood is a 30's Desoto.
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    Model A's and of course the famous AA's


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      That's a nice story Pat

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    That is great art.
    Eastern Connecticut


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      Not me directly but my father-in-law, who gave me my coupe Sister, shared this story with me before he passed.

      He grew up in a very rural area in SE Ohio on a farm about 65 miles south of Columbus, his father drove the local school bus for the area. When he was 5 or 6 years old around 1930 his father purchased a new Model A, probably an AA, school bus. He remembers someone coming down from Columbus in some kind of 4 door Model A, didn’t know the exact model but remembers the back seat was huge, to pick them up and drive them back to the factory in Columbus to pickup the bus. He remembers the factory and the 60 mile drive home with his father sitting in the step well by the front door almost all the way home.


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        An older friend of mine tells the story about the Model A trucks all lined up to deliver their wheat to the mill when he was a young boy. On the very hot days the farmers would get out of their trucks and visit. He said he and the other boys would sneak down the line of waiting trucks and tighten the gas caps and cause the trucks engines to die.


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          When I was about 14-15 years old (1953-54) I was walking home from High School and saw a Tudor setting in an old garage. I knocked on the door of the house and asked a lady if the A was for sale? She told me that it belonged to her son in the Navy and she would ask him about it. I stopped every day to see what was up and finally she said that it wasn't running but he would sell it for $15.00. I had a paper route at that time so I had a little money. I had no drivers license but my dad agreed to let me buy it and he pulled it home for me with a chain. (Remember the days when it was legal to pull other vehicles?) I had no tools and no experience at mechanics and never did get the car running but me and my neighborhood buddies had fun with it by pushing it down the sandy street and one of us jumping in and slamming on the brakes and sliding it sideways. What kids won't do for fun on a hot summers day! I never got it running and a man came by one day and offered to trade me for a mini bike (scooter) and I took it, as my dad was complaining about it sitting in the driveway. Wished I had that $15.00 A now.


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            Give a NOTEBOOK & PEN to a Lineman, they spot a LOTS of Old Cars & Girls, Sunbathing!!!
            Bill Detective


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