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So, Just What is the Red Line on a Model A Engine?

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  • So, Just What is the Red Line on a Model A Engine?

    Someone obviously didn't know the limit.

    Rod and Piston Blow Up.jpg

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    My brother went to the New England meet a few years ago and commented on a young driver, who revved the holy hell out of his engine on each gear change. He said the engine made noises he was not happy with.
    Eastern Connecticut


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      That sure is a nice round bend in the rod. I have turned my overhead to 4500 rpms at the hill climbs. Never had that kind of damage. I use a rev limiter. Maybe they left the rod nuts loose.


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        Maybe that was leftover from cash for cars program :-(
        Didn't they rev the motors and put a powder down the intake too seize the motors?


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          Originally posted by Tom Wesenberg View Post
          Someone obviously didn't know the limit.

          Rod and Piston Blow Up.jpg
          Tom that is not a Model A rod. But you know that.


          • pAAt
            pAAt commented
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            I bet that's where the term "Tom foolery" came from !! Brooklyn Park, Mn.

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          George, yes, I was thinking it might be a GM engine, but I'm not sure. This is the worst one I've ever seen.
          It would make a good "Hard Luck" plaque.


          • George Miller
            George Miller commented
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            It has the pinch bolt for the wrist pin like a chev, but I do not see a rod dipper. Also it looks like a 4 ring piston, that is not chev. The rod looks more like a early Ford V8, but I do not remember them having a pinch bolt.

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          Even in my SBC racing days I have never seen damage like that. That motor must have exploded. Cant help but wonder what the crank looked like?


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            Looks like the nut came off the rod cap. then the bolt came out. It looks like there is no damage to that bolt, plus the nut is off the bolt. But who knows for sure. But I have never seen one bent like that.


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