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    Ran the truck across the scales yesterday and was amazed that it weighted 2600 pounds! In looking at the MARC post on Model A weights, the heaviest was the taxi cab at 2500+. I had a full tank of gas, a case of wine and a 24# bag of dog food. I would assume that the louvered hood and cab panels would have helped to reduce the weight.
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    Maybe it's the SBC
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      Were you in it?

    • Denis4x4
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      SBC weighs 460 pounds...Model A weighs 475 pounds!

    • Mitch
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      SBC (small block chevy) 575 lbs

      A 210 lbs

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    State scales for trucks, alot extra fines!
    Wood when wet will weigh alot, womanized wood is the worst


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      Hmmmm? ...... How many bottles & what size bottles were in your wine box?


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        Too many balancing beads in the tires.


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          Maybe you need a lighter flywheel.

          Eastern Connecticut


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            Ten gallons of Bondo would weigh 106 lbs.
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              I think the weights were empty, no water, fuel, oil. also I think they would not have included the bumpers and spare tire.


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                .....with my ‘29 CCPU. Took it across the scales and it came in at 2540 #. Looked at the MAFCA and MARC charts and the only thing in the 2500# range is the town car and Fordor. No rear fenders, but a 6-1/2” cab extension. I can’t help but think that redwood bed weighs far more than a steel bed. There is a CRAGAR head and a pair of CJ-7 seats. On the other hand, tube headers and aluminum...
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                Kwik Poly
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                There was a product called Kwik Poly. It was a 2 part epoxy product, I think, that could be used to repair decayed wood, like body sill wood. It appears the company that made it went out of business. Does anyone have any information about Kwik Poly or a similar product that can be used to repair wood?
                Rusty Nelson
                07-12-2019, 05:44 PM