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Original Model A Keys and Codes ~ More Than You Wanted to Know!

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  • Original Model A Keys and Codes ~ More Than You Wanted to Know!

    Here is some info I recently published on original Model A Ignition and Door keys, key numbers, key grooves, and key codes.

    I am pretty certain this info has never appeared in one place on the internet before, nor in print in this complete a compilation.

    Visit my web page to see the whole story and all the pics and key code charts.

    I have attached a couple screen shots below of some of what awaits.

    Oh by the way, yes, I can cut keys to code or key number using the proper fitting replacement blanks if you have a need.

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    Welcome to the VFF, it's good to see you are here posting back from the scrap heap. You & your Ford Garage site is an amazing asset for the hobby.

    Vince do you have a pic of the tool you use to cut the keys? that's good to know that you provide this service.
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      Glad to see you made it here Vince. Hoping the best for this site and you joining us is a good sign. See that Mitch made you a Seniour Member already. Rod
      "Much of the social history of the Western world, over the past three decades, has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good." Thomas Sowell


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        Welcome Vince! Will be good to have you back in the pipeline! Yes, we all thank you for your outstanding site.

        Hey Mitch// did you add the high wheel cabby photo to my avitar? Cool but since i don't own it I will have to put something on there soon. Sorry haven't had much time to post!


        • Mitch
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          yepper, its better than a head...
          u need a computer in your work area so u can go back and forth

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        Welcome "Home " Vince
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          Originally posted by Mitch View Post

          Vince do you have a pic of the tool you use to cut the keys? that's good to know that you provide this service.
          Shown here are a pair of Curtis key clippers that I use. These are clippers, not duplicators. They cut a key based on a published code or key number, not by copying another existing key.

          The post version on the left is a Model G from about the 1940's, and the dial version on the right is a Model 14 from the 1960's. They are both set up and calibrated for the 5-bit B&S key blanks as used on Model A's.

          It is important to calibrate the vertical depth of cut for every clipper you may buy. It is not enough to trust it in the as-found condition. The key carriages are also dependent on the blanks being used. All Model A keys (other than Crown) use the carriage marked BS with five cut positions. The BS position is also used on the post or dial.

          These clippers are both universal aftermarket type tools used by garages and hardware stores of the era to cut a variety of key blanks and styles then in use. They both work just fine on brass blanks.

          I also have another Model 14 set up and calibrated for cutting the Hurd key blanks used on early the V8 era Ford.


          • Mitch
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            thanks for the pics Vince great info

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          If you go to my website page for this topic, you can see more pics and can click and enlarge the key number and key code data I published. These codes are 'double top secret' and have never before been published elsewhere on the net that I am aware of!

          Also, I have lots of the right modern blanks and can make extra keys for your lock numbers at a fair price. I just made a couple more to code yesterday for a lock. Worked perfect.


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