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New Waterpump Roller Bearing Issues...

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    New Waterpump Roller Bearing Issues...

    I was measuring the rollers of the bearings for least wear. It appears the rollers for the waterpump front bearing should be .25" in diameter.

    Some original spiral type bearings had about .002" wear.
    A couple of the solid type bearings were about .001"+ wear.
    A couple were right on .250".
    The older stock new bearins were right on.250"

    The new one marked in a Bratton's bag was about 1/4 to 1/2 a thou undersized. Plus the cage was canted some like the leaning tower of Pisa.

    So Kevin, you are saying that the original bearings are .250 and the replacement are at .2495 to .24975? I don't think that is too bad, but what size is the shaft and inside the sleeve? If the sleeve thickness is more than the original, the smaller dimensions would still work. It does take all 3 dimensions to work.
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      Well the new bearing they ship is slightly under and the shell is also slightly under. While that is a bit harder to measure since it is a curved surface, I carefully caught just a piece of the lip where they join. The new shell is .002" thinner then the factory units.

      While I can not disagree that the new bearing might be in tolerance, it is interesting to note that some used older and 2 new older bearings are right on .250. All the rollers.

      The WP shaft appears to be precision ground to the correct diameter according to the print (which the correct number is slipping my brain right this second).

      What I am getting at, new may not better. You have to look at what you have. The used bearing and shell might be a better fit.

      When I put the shaft in the new bearing with slightly under rollers with a factory original used shell I get a slight amount of play. When I put in one of the bearings right at .25 I loose the play. When I put in one of the original bearings measuring close to .002" of wear I get a bunch of play.