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    I'm replacing my door window and windshield glass in my 31 Sport Coupe. When installing the new felt channel is there a mastic that you install them with or none? Thanks

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    The door window side channel felts have locks on the top and bottom to hold them correct? You can use a little bit of weatherstrip adhesive in the middle of these but it is not really necessary. The top window seal needs to be held up with adhesive. Usually if you buy the whole kit it comes with a small tube
    What are you using for the windshield seal to frame?
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      My window supplier is furnishing the windshield seal


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        How do I attach the clip to the felt channel? I ordered the separate pieces. Just got them yesterday.


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        No. The felt channel do not have the clips attached. I ordered them from Snyder separately. Dumb! I received the clips from snyder that are cowl band lacing clips which do not look like those from Brattons. and they did not send the rivets that Brattons furnishes with their correct clips. Will the cowl band clips work?? I'll reorder the clips from Brattons I guess.


        • Mitch
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          Those rivets are the rolled style FYI & as far as the cowl band clips i don't know.
          If it were me i would get the assembled kit and ship all that stuff back

        • tbirdtbird
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          totally agree, ship the other back and get the complete kit. Did not know they even sold the parts separate, kind of a wasted idea. You will be very frustrated otherwise

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        Originally posted by Fixitphil View Post
        I'm replacing my door window and windshield glass in my 31 Sport Coupe. When installing the new felt channel is there a mastic that you install them with or none? Thanks
        Have you ordered your Restoration Guidelines yet. Many of your topics are also in that book to assist well as us, but i would suggest having it as part of your library also... its worth it 100%
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          Yes, better to get the vendor's turn key channels which do fit, 'cause we ordered some recently with clips installed. You can bend the clip end tangs a little for adjustment to allow the channel to stretch a little and not bind. (We've used steel pop rivets for a quick repair but the heads have to be carefully seated to allow the glass to slide past easily.)


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            I agree with Mitch.
            About 15 years ago I ordered the assembled door window channels from Bratton's, and also ordered the kit of pieces. I thought I'd save a few dollars and rivet my own, but it turned out the kit was not identical, but looked like cheaper parts, plus I had to do my own riveting. After that I only order the assembled channels.


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              O me! I did it again. I hate shipping stuff back from the west coast as the rates are a lot more than other areas.
              Thanks for all the tips. I'll re-order. When I added everything up that I bought I saved maybe a buck. I hate not knowing ahead of time. I know, that's what you guys are here for. Thanks so much!


              • BNCHIEF
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                Your not the only guy who has been down that road we all have one time or another.

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