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  • Homemade Electronic Flasher

    Here's an electronic flasher I made about 1995, which is independent of load, so it will flash at the same rate with no light connected or any load up to the rating of the relay contacts. I built this in anticipation of making a turn signal system some day for my A, but have since found the store had a 2 prong electronic flasher for $3. Fleet Farm had one, which I bought, but they never restocked the item. Anyway I have also seen the EF 32 listed on ebay for cheap, so there is no need to make you own. You can even find adjustable rate electronic flashers now for as low as $1. Electronic Flasher Schematic.jpgElectronic Flasher Schematic.jpg

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    We run 12 volts with LED tails and couldn't get the vendors' electronic flasher to pulse evenly; tried 2 with same result. Went to "normal" $4 flasher and all was well with good grounds all around including switch to column. Could the 6 volt set up have different req'ts? Great info. Tom.


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      This looks like the flasher I bought from Fleet Farm. I bench tested it, and it worked OK down to 6.1 volts, even though it's a 12 volt flasher.


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      • frankn
        turn signal
        by frankn
        hooked up turn signal with 6 volt flasher from LEDlight worked like it should but today only shows right and left turn signals as a solid light no flash at all Any ideas or try new flasher
        09-13-2020, 04:53 PM
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        6 Volt Positive Ground LED Bulbs Found
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        I finally found some 6 volt LED bulbs that really work with positive ground. A year ago I bought some form China that claimed to be good for + ground, but it was a lie. I bought these to try in the instrument panel in my Studebakers, which are also 6 volt positive ground cars. The put out a nice light, but unfortunately didn't work to light up the special glow in the dark gauges that Studebaker used...
        01-15-2018, 06:28 PM
      • Tom Wesenberg
        Finally Found 6 Volt Red LEDs for Turn Signals
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        If I install turn signals, I would like to have them somewhat hidden, so I've been looking for 6 volt red LEDs, and finally found some on ebay. I also bought identical amber LEDs from the same seller. This is a back burner project, so it may not get done anytime soon.
        04-02-2018, 03:56 PM
      • Calvin Neely
        Turn signal flasher /with sound
        by Calvin Neely
        At the annual meet in Dearborn last year there was a parts vendor that was selling 6volt flashers for turn signals that had a tiny beeper built in. My lady friend bought one for her 31 that has turn signals and the new flasher works great. Now I would like to get a couple of them and don't know how to contact the vendor.
        04-23-2020, 09:35 AM
      • AL in NY
        Found a 6Volt LED flasher
        by AL in NY
        Looking on the internet for a Model T friend of mine who needs a low current 6 volt flasher and found one on Amazon. Looks like it's built using an internal relay, so it's not load dependent for flash rate.

        01-23-2020, 08:21 PM
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        Logo Turn Signal Lights
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        I'm sure disappointed in the ($210) Logo Lite Kit turn signals that I purchased. I purchased the tail turn light that mounts to the Duo-Lamp LED bucket and it can hardly be seen by cars behind me. I have the front lights that are mounted on the bumpers but they are still not very bright. Just a point of interest.
        I'm going to the type unless I can find an answer to my problem. I wanted the...
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      • frankn
        LED turn signal lights
        by frankn
        If anyone is having trouble with LED turnsignal lights flashing too fast change your flasher Go to and change your flasher to a 6 volt positive flasher #84787 It works
        07-18-2020, 03:10 PM
      • tbirdtbird
        Looking for Heavy Duty 12V flasher?
        by tbirdtbird
        Was browsing thru my Weaver catalogue. They are a known quality supplier to those using just about any type of trailer. 800-932-8373.
        They have been helpful to me over the phone several times.

        I happened to notice they list a HD 12V flasher for 1.99. PN HEFHD Flasher number 536.

        Please note I have not tried this flasher myself
        04-16-2018, 04:29 PM
      • Tom Wesenberg
        A Nice Little Digital Volt Meter and battery charging
        by Tom Wesenberg
        Here's an inexpensive little volt meter that you can mount permanently to monitor your battery or charging system. My Honda lawn tractor only has a red light, so I bought one of these to mount in the dash. When it arrives, I'll try it on my Model A to see if it works OK with the ignition system noise.

        A battery charging...
        06-12-2017, 12:09 AM