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  • Muffler question

    Our muffler when tapped on the outside creates a clunking sound that may indicate something is loose inside. Could it be the baffles? We replaced the rear tail pipe clamp with a flexible type mount so there is no effect from that.

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    It could be loose baffles, or nuts a rodent carried into the muffler. I only wanted to buy a muffler once, so I bought the stainless Aries.


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      Along with what Tom mentioned I have heard of the gland rings melting down and going into the muffler
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      • tbirdtbird
        tbirdtbird commented
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        another reason I pass on the gland rings; we have fished several out of mufflers

      • Mitch
        Mitch commented
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        And i still use them

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      yes, my new one has a ring to it when a wrench drops on it.


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        We found one gland ring inside when removed for engine rebuild and that was it. Am not sure who's muffler it is but fits and works well.Short of replacing it, we've never heard a ring or clanking sound on an A muffler when tapped on the side with a rubber hammer.


          BILL WILLIAMSON commented
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          One Guy heard a "plink" while puttin' his manifold on, later, he had an unusual muffler rattle. +=*$^$$#%
          Dad Laffing

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