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  • Landau Bar Removal

    I'm trying to remove the Landau bars on my 1931 Sport Coupe. A threaded bolt affair screws into a socket (long hex nut) that is attached to the wood on the inside of the fabric top. Problem; The threaded bolt is rusted into the long hex nut. I've tried "Corrosion X" and it won't budge. I don't want to tear into the fabric top to remove the long hex nut. I would like to replace the whole attaching assy. but it looks like I can't do it without removing the fabric. I've got some "Kroil" on order.
    What next??

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    Is there any way to split the nut with one of those threaded nut splitters? That would mean replacing the nut, but may quickly accomplish what you want. Rod
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      The long hex nut seems to be a home remedy for the original "Landau Bracket" that should be there. All is buried behind the cloth of the Landau top. May have to have upholstery guy disconnect top for this repair.
      Thanks Rod


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