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The Ford Model A Truck by Aldie E. Johnson Jr.

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  • The Ford Model A Truck by Aldie E. Johnson Jr.

    Mr. Johnson passed away a few years ago...Does anyone have his book?



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    If it's the Mail Truck book you can get it here. The Ford Model A Mail Truck by Aldie Johnson, Jr.

    To order, email Dan Perla at the following address: [email protected] or call Jim McPherson @ 706-592-4835 (evenings)


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      Thanks Bob!



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        Does anyone have any details on the book? I might be interested in getting it.


        • Bob C
          Bob C commented
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          It has anything and everything you want to know about mail trucks.

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        Very interesting read, a wealth of information directly from the post office department archives. Mainly covers the 31 100 c.f. Bodies but covers areas of both a and aa. Great book a must have to complete your A library. If you get lucky you can find occasionally signed first run....


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          Instruction books
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          I was given a late 31 instruction book last night, found in an old truck. Also a 23 Buick book. I’m pretty certain it’s original, but can’t find a link to anything that describes the differences between repro and original.
          it appears Vince falters site is down, or at least inaccessible to me. Is there a way to tell with only one book,ie: without comparison. Thanks.
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        • alexiskai
          Free book: Model A Ford Construction, Operation, Repair, by Victor Pagé
          by alexiskai
          Mitch has been giving away books, so I thought I'd do my part. This is a 1992 reprint of a 1929 guide for mechanically-minded owners of the new Model A. It's based on the 1928 cars, so not all the info is correct for later cars, but it's a fun read to see how the car was talked about and see what they expected owners to do.

          Free, shipped US domestic book rate on my dime.
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        • Jeff/Illinois
          Pluck's Ford Assy Plant book
          by Jeff/Illinois
          Just got mine today!! Thanks Steve for this book, very interesting!! You sure put a lot of leg work into putting it all together, it's packed with a lot of information and your Assy. Plant pictures and sales territory maps ties it all together!! Thanks again great book!!
          09-11-2017, 06:51 PM