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    If my father were still alive, he would be 100 years old today. He got me started in model A Fords in 1960.
    You do not have permission to view this gallery.
    This gallery has 8 photos.
    Eastern Connecticut

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    My Dad and I spent a lot of time working on my old cars wish he was here to see the A they were his favorites.


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      Thanks for sharing and great pictures!

      1931 Ford Model A Deluxe Roadster
      1922 Maxwell Model 25 Touring
      1913 Cole Series 9 Touring


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        And it's great that he lives on in your memories and these photos. It's a nice tribute to your Dad.


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          Hey Bill thanks for sharing your family photos
          It's obvious your Dad did a wonderful job mentoring you in this hobby.

          3~ Tudor's & 1~ Coupe
          Henry Ford said,
          "It's all nuts and bolts"
          "Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible."

          Mitch's Auto Service ctr


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            100 years, that’s a lot to think about. What things must have been like in 1917 when your father was born. Pre WW1 (for us), pre influenza epidemic, pre automobiles for most. Look how simple things are for us compared to those who came before us. There are so many wonderful things that we enjoy in these modern times, but there are also things that were of great value then that no longer seem to hold much worth. Character for example. People are not as stubborn about their values as they once were. I miss this.


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              I had a friend in high school, early 60's who was putting together a model a pickup. I have been in love with Model A's ever since. I finally was able to buy mine in March 2015. It's a 28 Ford Roadster.


              • Mitch
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                Hey we like pics. Post some up of your Roadster

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              He raised a good son !!
              Model A's and of course the famous AA's


              • 2manycars
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                That is the nicest thing anybody has said about me in a long time. Thank you Paat.

              • pAAt
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                Your very welcome Bill !!

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              Memories are wonderful things, and even if we can't go back home, we can drive close, with our Model A s.


              • pAAt
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                Wise man once said that ! about an hour ago

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              Originally posted by sunnyorm View Post
              Memories are wonderful things, and even if we can't go back home, we can drive close, with our Model A s.
              That is why I still have the 29 tudor I bought in 1975, and that is why my brother still has the 30 town sedan that my father and I restored in 1960. My brother was only 2 when we started on that car, but he remembers it since it has been a part of him all his life.
              Eastern Connecticut


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                Thanks for sharing those personal photos and story with us. Remember whenever we loose a loved one, they ALWAYS walk with you as long as they are in your Heart !! Your Dad will be with you forever !
                “If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.” (Will Rogers).


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                  gave an 84 year old man a ride
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                  I took my wife's 84 year old uncle for a ride in our '28 coupe this evening. He really enjoyed it. His smile lasted all evening.
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                  A future Model A owner?
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                  I was working on my 31 Tudor today when I heard a young voice from the street saying something about a great looking car. The young (about six years old) man and his mother quickly accepted an invitation to take a closer look at Eleanor. He was very knowledgeable despite his youth and had some really good questions. However, one question got me good:"Sir, have you had this car since it was new?"...
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                  As Promised - The Story and Pictures
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                  Hello all,

                  As I promised a while back, here is the story and some pictures of my 1929 Tudor.

                  My great-grandfather purchased this car new in 1929, and drove it daily as his only vehicle throughout the remainder of his life. When he passed in the 70's, the car was given to my Grandfather. My grandfather owned a small paint and body shop in which he fixed/painted hundreds of...
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                  Memorial day parade photo
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                  Here is a photo of the guy who was on the vererans float with me. It was his birthday, and he was 95 years old that day. He told me that exactly 75 years ago, also on his birthday, he got his draft notice for WW2.
                  You might notice that he looks better than me.
                  The other photo is my daughter and her dog, and me.
                  You do not have permission to view this gallery.
                  This gallery has 2 photos.
                  05-30-2018, 12:55 PM
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                  Dad Williamson
                  by Mitch
                  This won't be easy to write but here we go.
                  I had a very sad phone call with dad BILL WILLIAMSON today. Yes it was sad but it was also enlightening. Enlightening because he is ready and mentally prepared to take the trip. He told me that he had a "good run". I ask for all of you to please pray for his safe passage to Model A heaven. He is so at peace and looking forward to seeing his...
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                  Good News For Me
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                  I have mentioned in the past that I will be picking up my 1930 Model A Coupe up in Louisana the first week of May. I will meet my brother who will be coming from Texas with my car. My mechanic has been working on it since October 2017, on and off. He is a retired mechanic that owned his own shop and had worked on many Model A's. He told my brother he loved working on my car but forgot how much work...
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                  July 1, 1961
                  by Ray Horton
                  On July 1, 1961, I headed out in the morning to walk my dog. I came across a man working on an old car in his driveway, a Ford sedan. I asked the typical question, "Model T?" He corrected me and told me it was a 1929 Model A. At 16, I was close to getting a driver’s license, and I wanted a car like this one, but I knew very little about cars. I asked if I could help him restore it, just...
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                  Update on my Model A
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                  Well my brother picked up my model A from the mechanic after a test drive with him. He told me the car runs real nice and he decided to trailer it to his house since the mechanic lives about 2-3 hours away from his house. After talking to my brother, I don't know whether to be excited or depressed. First after telling me the car runs real nice he started on the problems, he noticed that he had to...
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                • Patrick
                  Not 'A' , Hupmoble
                  by Patrick
                  A Friend stopped by with one of his Hup's. This was his '28 roadster. He does beautiful work and this car is gorgeous. He calls it a big Model A. It'll run along just fine at 65-70, but, he drives it at 45. The car as he says is a product of its time and roads and thats the speed its designed to run. Did I mention this car is drop dead gorgeous. The car still has me all excited. He wants to 'restore'...
                  06-06-2020, 04:25 PM
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                  Model A's In Commercial's and The Movies?
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