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Another goofy question - Windshield

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  • Another goofy question - Windshield

    Took the roadster out Saturday and tipped the windshield open to get some air. Kept vibrating back closed. I didn't strong arm the thumb screws till I asked you guys??

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    You must have a Roadster or Phaeton, which don't have the arms to help hold the windshield open.
    My 28 Phaeton has original parts and will stay open at least to 45 MPH, but I do have to tighten the wing nuts fairly tight.
    I understand the repro windshield cups don't fit and grip as well as originals.


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      I haven't looked close enough yet at the parts to see if repro or not. Nor enough time yet to look at the setup. Trying to get some drive time before the snow flies!


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        Carry Channel Locks, to tighten them!----UR a wood block to hold it open--LOL

      • dmdeaton
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        custom wood block sounds good!

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      A little off topic but a windshield story. My wife was driving her '31 roadster to a show just after we got it. With hands at the 10 & 2 position, she started making a wide right turn in the highway at about 40 mph. When her left hand got to 12 o'clock, the windshield pushed inward, trapping her fingers between the steering wheel and the glass. Only way she could get her hand out quickly was to make a quick turn to the left. You can guess what happened. Now her right fingers got caught the same way. Luckily we were on a rural road with no traffic and she was able to turn right again to extricate her fingers. The car had been garaged for 19 yrs before we got it and the windshield gasket was shot.

      I replaced the gasket and the window stays put now. And, she still drives the car after that scary experience.



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        Wow, never looked at it that close. Didn't know it could swing inward. Seems like a mechanical stop should be engineered into this.


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          Our roadster windshield comes inward, it is really nice on a warm day to have that cool air blowing down on your legs.


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            I made stops on my roadster, used Teflon to make them. there is one on each side on the bottom windshield rail.


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