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29 RPU rear fenders

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  • 29 RPU rear fenders

    Ok, so this is a Brookville bed with repo rear fenders. The brookville bed does not have mounting studs for rear fenders but a cleaver pass through behind a lip for a bolt. My driver side rear fits perfect. The passenger side does not line up. I lifted the body to slide apron out a touch as it needed that anyway. I measured the fronts of the aprons to the edges of the front brackets and both are the same as I was wondering if the apron needed to be back a little. I have tried many methods. My last was first bolt fender to apron then bolt the last hole on opposite side which mounts to bed. Doing this it looks even from the rear but the other fender holes dont match up to attach to the bed side. Pic 1) is the fender mounted to the apron, pic 2) is showing how low the fender is with no hole alignment, 3) is a top image that shows the pass through hole to connect fender to the side which is to low and off center from fender hole. These fenders are new. Why would one side line up and the other not......miss me yet??? LOL
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    3~ Tudor's & 1~ Coupe
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    "It's all nuts and bolts"
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    I'd say the bed is good, but measurements to compare would be in order. We all know and have heard how the reproduction aprons and fenders fit.


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      Dennis as Mitch pointed out above I used the DeWalt. No other option really but as long as it is even and looks good I dont mind. Is there a left and right running board or does it matter?

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    Last time I looked, yes, Vermin has a LEFT & a RIGHT Running Board, with Step Plates, also. NOBODY has stolen anything or put a bulb in his L/F headlight---LOL---Come & BUY Vermin, he's ALMOST ready to go touring, or chasin' Cute Old Ladies !
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      I need it to chase young ladies!!

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      Would you know what to do with them if/when you caught them?

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      yes 30 some years ago... now not so sure. Nowadays most just want your money.

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      I'm 48...hope I would know still.LOL

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    It's like remembering HOW to ride a BICYCLE---LOF
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      Front Fender wells
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      This concerns the Front Fender Wells, A-16040, that were assembled to the 1928-1929 front fenders.

      Here is what I need to know:

      It must be an original assembled fender well and not one that was "welded" on later.

      1..Is fender to frame flange a 7", 5-3/4" or 3-1/8" fender at the rear of the fender at the lower cowl section?;
      05-01-2021, 03:01 PM
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      Is this fender beyond hope?
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      I can labor through most tasks, well most but not all. I will never pretend to be an auto body person, though. I'm looking at some used fenders, running boards, aprons, brackets...
      One rear fender has been crunched. What do you think? Beyond hope?

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