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Taking the Headlamp Switch Apart

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  • Taking the Headlamp Switch Apart

    It's sometimes hard to get a good grip on the two halves of the light switch to press together then twist them apart.
    If you cut two 1" wide slices from an old bicycle inner tube to make wide rubber bands, then slip them onto the two halves, you'll have a much better grip.

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  • Jamey E
    Need help with brake light switch
    by Jamey E
    I’m in need of some assistance. Tudor’s brake light doesn’t work. Unhooked the wires from the switch & touched them together & it works. Thought switch was bad. Bought new switch, same problem. Am I missing something or should I try something different??
    08-02-2019, 09:33 PM
  • Chevmn56
    Most Agravating Thing to Work on On the Model A
    by Chevmn56
    Hey Guys I know i dont have the experience or knowledge that you guys have, but man i will say that i think the Model A light switch has been the worst to work on. After messing with the dam thing for 4hrs (im not a quitter) i finally gave up and called Berts. Steve took about 5 minutes to straighten me out and get me on the right road, i felt like a complete bone head.

    In trying to install...
    05-24-2018, 11:22 AM
  • merjohn
    Light Switch Contacts
    by merjohn
    The light switch that is on our 31 truck has 4 contact points. The new wiring harness has 3 groups of 3 contacts. Is this normal?...
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    This gallery has 1 photos.
    07-22-2018, 09:07 PM
  • canadian
    Disconnect switch
    by canadian
    I Dont have one, Why didn't Henry Ford install one? or did he?...
    04-29-2020, 06:47 PM
  • 4port
    Cad plating the headlight switch body
    by 4port
    The last time I took a switch to be cad plated, the fiber insulator was destroyed in the process. Since then I have resorted to Krylon dull aluminum paint. Is there a method of disassembling the switch, or masking the insulator to protect it?
    07-01-2020, 08:52 PM
  • Art Ebeling
    light switch
    by Art Ebeling
    I have a light switch that I was told was a replated original. When I compare it to one I already have I notice the contacts are flatter, not rounded and the contact part does not have an spring under it so it rattles around where the other has spring tension holding the contacts tight. Can you guys tell by the picture if this is an original and what about that spring tension?
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    12-06-2017, 08:27 AM
  • Tom Rode
    Light switch interference
    by Tom Rode
    I have run into another "issue" with the A, I turn on the headlights and first time I make a turn the switch moves to the off position with the turning of the wheel. Does not move from off with additional turns though. Thinking there is some kind of bushing of something that may just need lubrication. Is there any adjustment here, of should I just try to get some light oil around the...
    11-09-2019, 07:53 AM
  • Pgbender
    Light switch
    by Pgbender
    Re wiring my truck, the light switch was packed full of grease, worked fine.
    Supposed to be or just a result of being 90 years old?
    01-14-2020, 07:05 PM
  • Tom Wesenberg
    Pictures of Fluted and Twolite Switch Contact Plates
    by Tom Wesenberg
    I finally found my pictures of the two main switch plates used on Model A's. I don't have a picture of the switch used with early 28's, and have only seen one of them about 20 years ago. Maybe someone has a picture to fill that one in. The blue background is the 4 contacts switch used with FLUTED headlamps with 3 positions, and the lower left in the picture just shows an extra contacts part I had....
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    11-04-2017, 10:47 AM
  • canadian
    by canadian
    Found this on a piece of Floor Board I had hoarded away. Brake light switch . what is it? aftermarket? Farmer/Fisherman Fix? 1929 Canadian Fordor....
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    This gallery has 3 photos.
    06-03-2020, 05:09 PM