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  • Official Ford Model A film

    Watched a two hour DVD that combined several Ford films on the introduction of the Model A and how it was built. However, the real interesting segment was on the dealership, service and financing. We all know that Ford controlled everything from raw materials to the final product. What was news to me was the financing and insurance that Ford provided to buyers through the dealership. While today's dealers also offer these services, they are third party transactions. The film showed a customer being reimbursed for the 1000 mile check up done by another dealer as the owner was on vacation. Obviously the 500, 1000 and 1500 miles check ups were either buried in the price of the car or sold as an extra feature.

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    Sounds interesting!

    What's the title of the film, and/or where could we find a copy?


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      Here is my story...I was told once that before the Ford Runtunda fire of what year I forget, that there were many Ford archives and Ford data that were lost due to the fire.

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      Very early Model A ford
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      1903 model A that is.
      this car was in a Tacoma auto dealers family since 2024, and now resides in the show room of Titus Will Ford of Tacoma. I know! Not exactly kosher. But interesting
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      Forgive me if this has recently been posted. I just found this site again and thought I would share.
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      Ford script on tailgate
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      Did Ford paint the raised Ford script on the pickup tailgates at the factory, if they did what color did they use.
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