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  • Keith True
    Odd carb problem
    by Keith True
    I'm having kind of an odd carb problem on an A.It is something I've never seen before.When I turn on the gas it leaks badly out the throat until the float shuts the valve.Then it does slowly weep,maybe a drop every couple of minutes.It does idle too rich,even with the GAV turned all the way down.I have verified the GAV needle is hitting the seat,but just with a magic marker,not by pressure.This carb...
    06-26-2018, 01:20 PM
  • Ayyy
    Should I match my Model B carb to my Model A intake manifold?
    by Ayyy
    When I bought my 1930 CCPU, it came with the 'A Manifold' / 'B Zenith' combo, and the manifold is not modified in any way. I've been thinking about porting/honing (what ever the right process is here?) the manifold. My truck never goes faster than 45, and almost always cruises at about 40.

    So is it worth the effort to modify the manifold?

    Normally I don't make any significant...
    04-13-2018, 11:00 PM
  • Beauford
    Is this common....
    by Beauford
    Took the Chassis aka "Rusty" down the road for a spin. Getting some smoke where new exhaust clamps to manifold. Paint burn off? I'm just so paranoid about hurting a fresh engine.
    05-07-2017, 02:33 PM
  • jordanka16
    by jordanka16
    Well, went for a nice drive yesterday, but my passenger complained of the heat on her feet. I already have a thick mat and a reflective insulating pad, but she said it was warm still. I have read that a lot of people have good luck with the aries muffler, for many reasons, but they do reduce the heat on the floor. The existing muffler is just some glass pack thing he had lying around anyway. I've...
    08-14-2018, 02:24 PM
  • Jim Baskin III
    Deceleration miss
    by Jim Baskin III
    When going down a hill or just decelerating due to traffic or what not I have a miss or sputter I guess is the best description.Its not constant,but you know its there.I recently rebuilt a Marval carb with parts from Renners. I cannot figure out why this is happening,otherwise the car runs perfect,great acceleration and smooth at 55mph.
    What have I done wrong?
    06-18-2018, 10:03 AM
  • Terry, NJ
    Porting and polishing,
    by Terry, NJ
    Because of the bad weather and Best's Gaskets haven't arrived yet, I needed something to do. I always have a project or two that I can switch to when needed. I had started P&P a couple of manifolds. They were bored out (The easy part). Now they needed polishing, this is the tedious part. Hours of going roundy, round, inside the runners till it's shiny and smoothe all around. Later on, I was going...
    02-23-2018, 09:01 PM
  • pooch
    Alloy twin carb sidevalve manifold.
    by pooch
    Does anyone recognise this brand ?

    Had RAR LA2519 on it.

    Was at last weekend's swap.

    08-13-2018, 05:16 PM
  • Keith True
    Odd carb problem solved
    by Keith True
    I found the cause of the odd problem of the carb gushing gas when the gas was turned on,then stopping when the float valve hit home.I was studying on the carb top when I realized there was a lead BB squished into the air passage between the bowl and the middle chamber,or whatever you would call it.I had seen that in there,it was the only new plug in the carb.That ain't supposed to be there,the bowl...
    06-29-2018, 04:42 PM
  • jcorvino
    1950 ford custom flathead v8
    by jcorvino
    good day - have dual carbs now but only running on one (still pretty strong and driveable). would like to change manifold/carbs to perhaps simple double barrel or two barrel. anysuggestions. not a custom motor basically stock 1950 flatheadv8...
    09-13-2017, 02:58 PM
  • 2manycars
    Drive report
    by 2manycars
    It was a beautiful day in eastern CT today. (Mr Rogers would have been very happy). I drove all 8 cars, and 4 motorcycles and the tractor, for a spring excercize and gas up. But the part that may interest this crowd is how the tudor ran with the intake manifold bored out. I was very surprised at how much more power it has and how much better it runs with the intake bored to match the B carb that has...
    04-28-2018, 03:51 PM