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Starter Brushes Reinstall ??

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  • Starter Brushes Reinstall ??

    Ok, I'm a paint guy, one hand, one brush.

    What is the magic in retracting four starter brushes to reinstall the armature ?

    Tanks, JB

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    Take a coat hanger and make a finger loop in one end, then about 3" straight, then a 90* hook about 5/16" long. Lift each spring, the pull the brush back enough to cock it to the side in each brush holder. Slip the parts together then tilt each brush until it slips down into place. Be sure the spring is centered on each brush. I'll see if I have some parts laying loose, so I can take a picture.


    • JB-OB
      JB-OB commented
      Editing a comment

      Sounds like what I remember...

      I thought four hooks, four small vise grips to hold in place, 'center the brushes' and drop the armature in place.

      Sure, that'll work.......??

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