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  • Starter mounted fuse

    Well, another newbe question. Search feature didn't net any answers. In addition to a battery disconnect I plan to put a fuse on my starter. Some comments I have found warn of a blown fuse causing the generator to destroy itself. Is there a better method to protect the electrical system?

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    If you use an electronic voltage regulator in the generator, then it won't be hurt. Without the EVR the generator will put out up to 40 volts if it's not connected to the battery, and this will cook the windings. It will take a few minutes to overheat and cook the windings, so if you shut the engine off when the fuse blows you'll be OK.

    Some have used a 30 amp fuse at the starter, then another 20 amp fuse at the cutout to feed the lighting circuit. This will keep the generator connected to the battery if the lights short and blow the 20 amp fuse.


    • slammin
      slammin commented
      Editing a comment
      My generator doesn't have the original round cut out. It has a rectangular cut out. Does the 20 amp fuse go in the yellow wire between the wire loom and the "Batt" terminal on the generator?

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    Tom makes a great EVR that is hidden in the generator, which many of us use on our vehicles. There are a few variations on the market but his does not change the appearance on the outside.

    Tom when you find time, can you make up a new thread with pics and complete install instructions for your unit.
    Place it in the Chassis tech area for me

    I also want to place copy of it in the For Sale area under a sticky
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      Originally posted by slammin View Post
      My generator doesn't have the original round cut out. It has a rectangular cut out. Does the 20 amp fuse go in the yellow wire between the wire loom and the "Batt" terminal on the generator?
      The yellow wire goes to the terminal box, ammeter, starter switch, then to the battery. At the starter switch is where you could put a 30 amp fuse.
      The other wire or two wires into one terminal are also connected to the output side of the cutout, and feed the horn and lights. This one is where you could connect a 20 amp fuse.
      The square or rectangular cutout is aftermarket, and might even be a Delco, as used on my 1929 Chevy Coach. That's the same as a Tudor in Ford talk.


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