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How to keep rain out between glass and body

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  • How to keep rain out between glass and body

    My 29 Tudor was in the driveway during an unexpected heavy rain. Without an interior I was able to see all the leaks. I have never seen any seals between the windows and body listed any where. Interior pictures of recent restorations show unstained panels, not the case with older interiors. I know the importance of keep the door drains clear. What about the water at the rear quarter windows? I don't see drains at the bottom of those panels. Here in western Colorado you don't have to take off your shoes to count the rainy days. That can't be said for most areas of the country. I plan to keep her in the garage when it rains, but it can happen. Then there is washing the car.

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    The only per say window seal is basically a anti rattler on the outside of the glass. I am not sure of the exact locations of the drains but many have drilled their own holes.
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      I have a 29 Tudor, and if you lay on a creeper and look up you can see the drain holes for the rear quarter panels.
      I had pictures of them, but they are on my old computer, which is tucked away for now.
      The doors also have drain holes, and slant outward at the top, so no water should hit the panels.


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        Thanks Tom. I'm crawling around underneath the car today. While I'm down there I'll look for the rear quarter drain holes. I didn't notice them from the inside. The door drains are clear.

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      Stick your finger up where the body meets the front of the rear fender. It's not a round hole, more of an oblong space. Look at the mirror in the middle of the photo.
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        When I restored my 29 tudor 40 years ago, I remember seeing holes for water to drain out of the door and body but of course they get stopped up with debris over the years and then it rusts. I am not sure if there is any way to keep it out but maybe larger drain holes would help.


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          That's kinda what i meant to say make the holes bigger

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