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Current Water Pump Shaft, I measured one.

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  • Current Water Pump Shaft, I measured one.


    My brother brought home the water pump kit that A&L was selling. Not sure who makes all the parts. The shaft was stainless and it measures the correct .625 along the length. The taper looks good and fits the original fan nice.

    I mention about not knowing who makes all the parts as the bag full of parts had Bratton's labels. I am suspecting it is a Bratton's kit.

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  • Bill in NJ
    Water pump play
    by Bill in NJ
    Should there in any forward and rear play ??
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    Water pump
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    Attached are pictures of the water pump that was on my car when I purchased it. Is this an aftermarket pump? if so, will a rebuild kit work on this. I kind of like the idea of having a grease reservoir handy.
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    Short Water Pump
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    Anybody know what this water pump could be for? I thought maybe an overhead conversion but I can't find any that use a pump like this.
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    Water Flushing Pump
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    Can someone who used a sump pump to flush there engines out for rust tell me what size motor your pump had. If I go this route I want to be sure it will be powerful enough to do the job. Thanks
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    Frustrating Water Pump Rebuild
    by Roadster Rich
    This should be easy. I posted about two weeks ago about the bushing in the rear of the water pump. Replies were to use the dual lip seal bushing. I got info from Steve at Bert's about which bushing that was and I ordered two. I have a new shaft, impeller, front bearing race, and the cups, felts and washers for the front bearing. I also had a very good condition "leakless" pack nut....
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  • DaWizard
    Electric Water Pump
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    Let's try this again...

    Call me crazy, insane, or just plain bonkers, I AM an electronics Wizard, have been since 1975 when I started my second electronics job repairing stereos and CB radios. I have been and always will be a gadget freak, so naturally, I rewired my Model A to 12v neg chassis. Also I likes LEDs

    Now, because we are now 12v, the next step in this
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    fan blades water pumps
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    How many fan blade designs were used originally on the Model A? How can they be told apart. What months and years were they used? What was the finish?
    How many water pump designs? Any specs that need to be met? Finishes?
    Any other details?
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    I am so sick and tired of water pumps that leak! Just about to fire up an engine that I rebuilt myself (just rings, lap in valves adjust all clearances, rebuilt dizzy, carb and water pump). I filled with 50/50 yesterday morning and saw a very slow drip at the pump. But from every thing I can tell it seems to be coming from the pressed in bushing and the pump body. The drip only was about 1/3 cup...
    06-24-2017, 08:25 AM
  • Tom Wesenberg
    Original and leakless water pump info
    by Tom Wesenberg
    When I rebuilt my water pump in the 90's I rebuilt it completely original, and it never leaked a drop in over 10 years. When I did the block and radiator flush with vinegar I had a real mess after the vinegar removed the grease from the packing rings. I then installed the new rear bushing from Snyder's with the double lip seal. The seal will help ensure the coolant and grease stay separated. I loosen...
    06-19-2018, 06:34 PM