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Installing oil pump bushings

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  • Installing oil pump bushings

    Oil pump bushings

    If you ever need to replace the bushings in your oil pump. Do not drive them out, you might break the pump housing.
    Take a small hack saw blade and cut the bushing into lengthwise, being careful to not saw into the housing. When done take a pice of thread all and put it through the housing hole.Then put a bushing on the thread all, put a big flat washer and nut on each end. then tighten the nut, make sure the bushing is starting straight. Now do the same with the other bushing. Now try the shaft with a little grease on it ,if just a little sung chuck it in your drill press and spin the shaft. Be carefull it does not grab and hurt you. Most of the time this works for me, if to tight you will have to ream the bushing.

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    great advice as always, George


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      Thanks for posting this George

      your article and name has been added to the tech forum
      congratulations keep'em coming;)
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        Like to see other methods of doing things.
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          Snyder's Antique Auto Parts manufactures and distributes vintage Ford parts for Model A and Model T vehicles. We have over 50 years of industry experience. - Product - - Model B Parts FILTER KIT -W- PRESSURE B-6705-F
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