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Model T assembly plant codes...

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    Model T assembly plant codes...

    Has anyone ever noticed on the Model T BODY floor cross sill (front) any type of letter and numbers representing assembly plant codes?

    For instance SFA 0927 for San Francisco Assembly plant or AS 12345 for Seattle Assembly plant.

    These codes are on a majority of Model A's...was wondering about the Model T's.

    Thanks. Pluck

    Steve yes there are I have been told that the stamping is from the body builder not ford, my 1919 has that number on the right side front floorboard riser, one of these days I will take a pic of it if you wish and on my 1927 fordoor as well.


      Well heck yes I would like to see those numbers.



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        Steve I will work on that for you and pm you when I get them there were no numbers on mine in the front seat riser. Ever seen an actual from the factory vacuum wiper for a 27 T that rolled off the line I can show you one.