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    What will happen if I were to place a Model B distributor, or any other centrifugal advancing distributor atop a NuRex centrifugal advance unit?
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    Your advance timing light will tell. I would say timing would go out of site when the RPM is at a fast idle. In the short a lot of pinging. But that's just my guess.


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      Maybe Bubba will know
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        You'll have 19 degrees more advance than you should have, plus it will advance faster than it should because each unit will be giving advance.


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          I am soon assembling another engine for myself. It will have 6:1 CR, slight cam, down draught carburettor and B distributor. I will be fitting a B timing cover. With that CR, I think I should be aiming at 23° advance. So, where do I set the timing? ie, how many degrees does the B distributor advance and how much advance does the B timing cover give over an A one? Once I know these things, I figure...
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          Ok, a bit of background first.

          As some of you know I have been an advocate for the NuRex centrifugal advance and have been using one for 2 years without issue. Well, after reading the threads here about the advance and needs of the HC heads, I decided I would search for an alternate centrifugal advance distributor.

          See, the stock engine with the 4.2:1 compression heads are
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          I've been doing research for a video on ignition timing, and I realized the Model B's initial advance setting of 19° is actually really high. The Model A's initial timing is 0°, and if you look at the distributor settings for later V8 Fords, their initial advance is in the 2-4° range. Even on modern engines, standard initial timing is usually 10-12°. Why 19°?

          The best theory I have...
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          Ok, sticking my neck out.
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          Now, I know this has been discussed in reference to the FSI distributors and high compression heads, but I need to get just a bit more info on the stock distributor.

          I now have in my possession a Snyders 6:1 high compression head and I think since I can't afford a Mitchell OD it will be the next step in the ever changing "Touring Tudor" named Wheezer.

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          Gentlemen, as I compile the "wish list" for my new 29 Tudor, the Nurex system is one thing I am considering. I know the purists feel this is an affront to Henry's creation, but I'm not building a fine points winner. I plan to drive the car for a while to get the feel of the Model A as it was designed. I would like feedback from those of you that have first hand experience with the Nurex...
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          I am currently putting together yet another engine, this time with a 6:1 head. I'm told the maximum advance I should have for that is 22°. I figured if I use a B distributor (I have 3) and set it about 5° advanced, the 17° or so centrifugal advance from the distributor should be pretty right. So much for the theory, now for what actually happened. With timing light and tacho connected, I found...
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