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Bratton's differential, transmission, steering gear oil analysis

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  • Bratton's differential, transmission, steering gear oil analysis

    Attached are the analysis for the Bratton's gear oil. Blackstone was not able to answer all of my questions as this speciality oil has additives that are not normally found in other lubricating oils that they test. In a phone conversation with the chemist he said that the oil was doing an exceptional job protecting the differential components and could have gone many more miles than the 15,000 it had been used. I included the virgin oil report and the used oil report. Note that the viscosity of the virgin oil is equivalent to 140 gear oil. The chemist said that the "sticky" additive significantly increased the oil's ability to cling to the gears and bearings but they could not identify the specific agent used as it was not in their database of chemicals that they test for. When the transmission is due for a change, I will send in a sample of the used oil.

    31 FORD DIFF-200624.pdf
    VIRGIN DIFF FLUID-200624.pdf

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    That's really interesting. Thanks.
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      Am I right in thinking that both oils were the oils Brattons sells.


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        Yes- both were the Bratton's oil.


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          Thanks, that is very useful info. Also that Bratton's sells it.


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            The question to ask the oil analysis people. Is this oil likely better for straight cut gears experiencing heavy pressure. Is it like a heavy pressure steam oil?


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              is that the oil all venders sell in the white bottle?


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                Originally posted by old victoria View Post
                is that the oil all venders sell in the white bottle?
                Don't know. Without the suppliers divulging their source for their oil, each would have to be lab tested for comparison.


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                  Originally posted by Kevin in NJ View Post
                  The question to ask the oil analysis people. Is this oil likely better for straight cut gears experiencing heavy pressure. Is it like a heavy pressure steam oil?
                  I get the impression that Blackstone does not make recommendations for a particular oil's use but will give lab results to determine if a particular oil is doing a proper job in lubricating the equipment in which it is installed. That keeps their potential liability to their lab results only. The Bratton's oil used 15,000 miles in my differential showed that the wear indicators in the analysis were extremely low giving me confidence that it is a proper oil for the model A differential. One needs to remember as well that driving demands and conditions will effect the type of oil chosen for any application.


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                    We only use Bratton’s oil. Never had any issues or foaming. Folks will always continue to make home brews for whatever reason.

                    Thanks Gerry for sharing your 600W analysis with us.
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