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  • Easy View Coolant Level Check

    The other day I posted pictures of my swap meet finds, and mentioned why I wanted a particular drain cock. Here you can see it has an exit port that holds a clear plastic tubing very well. You can also buy a drain cock with a barbed fitting to do the same. At the local surplus store I bought a 20" length of stiff clear plastic tubing, and used a clear flexible plastic tubing to connect it to the drain cock. I can mount the stiff tube to the side of the radiator and easy view the coolant level by just opening the drain cock. I could probably leave it open, but just to be safe I'll close it when not checking the level.

    I could also have just run the flexible tubing up the side of the radiator and eliminate the stiff tube.

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    A carburetor type float gauge for the radiator... ingenious
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    • Mitch
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      And as a dual purpose you can drain the cooling system into a container away from the vehicle::::

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    Great idea Tom


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      That is Model A ingenuity. Very creative. I'll remember that one.


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        Exactly what this forum is about.


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          Yes Tom, I think it is best to close the valve while running. Pretty smart idea.
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            That is also a handy way to collect a bit of coolant to check for freezing protection, as it is difficult on some radiators to withdraw coolant for checking from the filler neck.
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              Reminds me, a Friend, on his Hot Rod Pickup, sweated a 1/8 NPT X 1/8" tubing fitting into his radiator upper tank. Then inserted a Meat Thermometer into it & tightened it! While working underhood, he can monitor the temp. Under the hood, he also has a QUICK ignition shut off toggle switch & a starter button!


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