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Car cover that fits a slant window cabriolet??

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  • Car cover that fits a slant window cabriolet??

    So can anyone recommend a car cover that will fully cover a 68C?
    It is in a garage so I am not looking for weather proof. I want one that is not a snug fit and is ok with the cowl lights and rear spare.
    I guess a coupe cover would work too.

    Who has bought what and how does it fit?


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    For starters here is a recent thread

    After 30 plus years I need new car covers, my last purchase was from Beverly Hills car covers. What is the best car cover to purchase? Thank you, Mike
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      That is a great start, I was hoping to hear about fit specifically for a cabriolet (that option is not at the website so coupe is probably close enough). I remember a few years ago there was a discussion on ******** and some covers had poor fit for the coupe/ cabriolet (well at least that is what I remember and I could be remembering wrong).
      So I was hoping to hear something current about recent car covers.


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        Thank you,
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